Law & Candor Season 10: New Conversations for the Legal Technology Revolution

December 15, 2022



Mitch Montoya
Mitch Montoya

With a new look, and new co-host, Law & Candor returns for its 10th season. Paige Hunt, Vice President of Global Discovery Solutions at Lighthouse, joins Bill Mariano for more compelling conversations with industry leaders and luminaries in the legal and technology spaces.

In six brand new episodes, our guests and co-hosts explore some of the most pressing issues for the industry, including: data governance in the work-from-home era; improving mental health in legal and eDiscovery; the power of review analytics; championing diversity, equity, and inclusion; the role of AI in cross-border data transfer; and self-service solutions for internal investigations.

Listen and learn more about the episodes : 

Episode 1: Data Governance for the BYOD Age
Episode 2: Review Analytics for a New Era
Episode 3: Legal’s Mental Health Imperative
Episode 4: Anonymization and AI: Critical Technologies for Moving eDiscovery Data Across Borders 
Episode 5: Investigative Power: Utilizing Self Service Solutions for Internal Investigations  
Episode 6: A Journey from One to All in Legal with Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion   

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