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Lighthouse Managed Review

Get more for your money with sophisticated review strategies tailored to your specific needs. Our in-house review experts ensure rigorous quality control and consistency across matters. Working with industry-leading staffing partners, they oversee flexible teams consisting of 100% licensed attorneys, empowered to work faster and more accurately with robust, tech-enabled workflows.  

Regardless of matter size or complexity, Lighthouse Managed Review can solve your toughest data challenges.

Supercharge Results with Review Intelligence

Amplify the value of managed review with unique search, information retrieval, and analytics capabilities that augment human skills with speed and accuracy.

Consistent, Efficient Review Teams

To maximize value, quality, and scale within and across matters, Lighthouse Review Consultants lead teams of licensed attorneys from top staffing providers.  

We prioritize staff continuity across matters and closely monitor quality using sophisticated analytics. This approach reduces training time, improves efficiency, and drives our industry-leading accuracy.

Decades of Review Experience

Many of our Review Managers bring 20+ years of experience in developing effective strategies and leading enterprise review programs.

Quality and Value

Combining the best of experience and technology, we improve quality while reducing costs today and tomorrow. We continuously verify that our partners follow strict quality control and training standards.

Built-in Technology Expertise

Our review teams are certified to work with our industry-leading suite of technologies, which includes Relativity, Brainspace, Blackout, Veritone, Exolution, and our own innovative solutions.

Tangible Impact

We’re obsessed with results. Our goal is to deliver clear, measurable benefits for every matter, every time. Agile tools, teams, and workflows enable us to create the best review approach for your unique needs.

Lighthouse review provides tangible impact:

Regular, Transparent Reporting

Daily review status reports, including review throughout and overturn analyses.

High-Quality Deliverables

QC process is proactive, spends dollars wisely, and enhances outcomes.

Multi-Level Value

Our managed review workflows can realize value beyond a single matter.

Innovation Drives ROI

Our managed review teams deliver outstanding results using advanced search, information retrieval, and analytics technology you won’t get with any other provider. Lighthouse has led the field of technology-assisted review for more than 13 years, ensuring we can efficiently handle even the largest and most complex matters with speed and agility.

Superior Outcomes

Differentiated Review Intelligence solutions plus experienced, proven review teams deliver optimal outcomes.

Case Studies

Simplifying Complex Multi-District Document Review

Alignment and Savings Across a Dynamic Portfolio

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