Better Together

Diversity, inclusion, and togetherness.
At Lighthouse we believe in the power of leveraging our individual strengths. Through listening and open, honest dialogue, we strive to create meaningful work in an environment where everyone belongs.

Employee resource groups

Personal connection. Personal development.

Our employee-led resource groups are dedicated to fostering connections, offering insights, and supporting internal initiatives. Through facilitated networking, and offered resources and support, these groups enhance both personal and professional growth—inclusively.

Women Leadership Exploration and Development (WLEAD) facilitates interaction and organizes activities that support conversations around women and leadership. Via information, resources, workshops, speaker engagements, focus sessions, and networking opportunities, WLEAD enables and empowers women to strengthen management abilities, and move into leading roles.
Bridging eDiscovery and Minorities (BEAM) organizes activities, provides professional development opportunities, and facilitates discussions that support and enhance the experiences of racial and ethnic minorities in the workplace. Through thought-provoking workshops, speaker engagements, and employee-focused sessions, the group ensures a safe space for networking, exchanging ideas and information, and mentoring.
The Relationship and Family Ties (RAFT) group facilitates interaction and building connections among colleagues on topics related to personal relationships that often impact and bear weight at work. The purpose of this group is to create opportunities for discussion and to provide resources and support to help employees navigate many of the common issues faced within interpersonal and familial relationships outside of work.
Pride@Lighthouse strives to promote an inclusive community for lesbian, bisexual, gay, transgender, nonbinary, queer, questioning, intersex, asexual, and allied employees. Pride@Lighthouse supports efforts at Lighthouse to create an inclusive, diverse and equitable workplace, and works to recruit and retain LGBTQIA identified employees. The group serves as a visible, accessible resource for all employees and provide focused community networking, support and social opportunities for all. 
Military & Allies Standing Together (MAST) aims to be the support system for the military community at Lighthouse through facilitating interaction and activities to bring the team together. It will also serve to uphold Lighthouse’s strong commitment and appreciation of the military community, welcoming them to the Lighthouse family.
To support the diverse communities in which we live and work, we listen to the experiences of others, and have open, honest dialogue across our differences. We continue to foster a culture of inclusion, diversity, and togetherness, to ensure all employees have opportunities to succeed through hard work, creativity, and collaboration. Change happens through a lot of incremental moves, and we are making those here at Lighthouse.
Brian McManus, Chief Executive Chair


Our benefits are meaningful, inclusive, and culture-focused.
We’re better together, and we offer the benefits to back that belief. We offer competitive bonus plans, inclusive parental leave, and paid volunteer time off to support the causes you care about most. Also provided is pet insurance, medical coverage for domestic and same-sex partners, flexible paid time off, and much more.
Room with a chair

Connected workplace

As part of our strong remote work culture, Lighthouse leverages its Connected Workplace program to recruit and retain top global talent, drive exceptional work-life experiences, and meet the flexible and diverse needs of our business, clients, and employees.
“Lighthouse is engaging in diversity conversations in ways I have never experienced at other companies. We have tough conversations where people can share freely and respectfully. We don’t try to be perfect; we just try to be authentic, candid, intentional, and empathetic. We give each other the room and grace to make mistakes and try again. In doing so, we have found ourselves executing the deep work that will change our organization and employees for years to come.”
Jonetta White, Proposal Marketing Manager
“Inclusion is a mindset that drives a person’s empathy, their openness, and their behavior. It embodies diversity in thought, approach, and results. Togetherness is the emotional outcome that marries inclusiveness and diversity together, and BEAM is building a true sense of togetherness for our employees.”
Glenn Williamson, Manager, Software Engineering, Product Development – Big Data and co-chair of BEAM
“WLEAD has provided me with valuable personal and professional growth opportunities. Since its inception, I have learned to step outside my comfort zone and to embrace tough conversations, as well as found invaluable mentors along the way. I have also been empowered to expand my leadership skills by managing several WLEAD initiatives and programs.”
Kate Devaney, Content Marketing Manager and WLEAD Steering Committee Member
“As a recruiter, it is critical I believe Lighthouse is the best place to work and echoes my personal values. This company not only fosters professional development, but it also takes diversity and inclusion seriously and strives to make the world a better place. I’ve had the chance to participate in Lighthouse’s women’s networking groups and charity initiatives that fight homelessness and stand up to social injustices. Great company, but more importantly, great people.”
Nikki MacCallum, Strategic Talent Manager

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