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Digital Forensics

Tell the Story Behind the Data

Discovering data is one thing. Illuminating it is another. That's the job of digital forensics. From messaging apps to USB drives, our team targets and collects the data across sources and systems, then drills into the behaviors and actions of custodians to reconstruct the story of data creation and movement.

Our multidisciplinary team applies deep expertise in modern and mobile data handling, forensic analysis, cybersecurity, and law. Together we help you navigate complex collections, identify suspicious activity, provide strategic guidance, and win more cases.

Gain the Investigative Power of Digital Forensics

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Expert Team

Uncover the meaning behind the data with help from technical and legal experts working in tandem.

Efficient Workflow

Collect, preserve, investigate, and review in a seamless flow with rock-solid chain of custody thanks to an integrated team.

Leading Technology

Benefit from our decades of research and development into forensic tools and techniques—no need to build or buy your own stack.

80 Years of Experience at Your Service

See facts and figures on why you can trust the Lighthouse team to shine a light on your digital evidence.

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Solutions for Enterprise Data

Digitalize Legal Hold

Reduce errors and maximize efficiency with end-to-end digitalization of your legal hold process. Working together, our Digital Forensics and Information Governance teams help you replace error-prone manual management with automated processes to prevent spoliation and deliver better outcomes.

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Secure IP

Prevent financial, regulatory, and reputational risk with our Secure IP employee offboarding and onboarding services. We evaluate and mitigate the digital behavior of departing employees to ensure your enterprise data stays put when employees join or leave your organization.

Learn more about Secure IP services

Case Study: Preventing Theft and Sharing of Sensitive Data

A national company suspected departing employees of taking valuable enterprise IP with them. Lighthouse implemented proactive risk reporting and prevented IP exfiltration by an employee to an industry competitor.

Lighthouse Red Flag Report Prevents Proprietary Data from Being Taken by Departing Employee

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Expert Forensic Services

Illuminate Evidence with Forensic Analysis

Go beyond eDiscovery to understand the behavior of data custodians and create a digital audit trail. We combine leading techniques to address the fact pattern in each case and customize the work plan and budget to your needs.

Reduce Data Collection Costs and Complexity

Save time and money while reducing risk. Let Lighthouse locate, preserve, and collect data using our efficient, scalable tools and processes. We tailor the scope and process to your needs and matter type, ensuring maximum efficiency and defensibility.

Full-Service Collection

Perform collections on-site, or your devices can be shipped to our labs

Remote Collection

Perform collections from anywhere, using configured hard drives sent to your custodians

Directed Self-Collection

Provide direction and training so your IT personnel or custodians can collect data

Engage Expert Testimony

Ensure the court or jury understands your forensic evidence and the story behind it. Our experts communicate technical concepts to general audiences in ways that move your case forward. Through countless affidavits and thousands of hours of direct and cross-examination, we have learned to avoid pitfalls and maximize impact.

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