eDiscovery Services

Striving for efficiency and accuracy every step of the way, from preservation to production.

Responsive review

The cost and inefficiency of traditional eDiscovery is astronomical. Ballooning data volumes and infinite complexity have driven an exorbitant increase in the organization burden posed by eDiscovery. We combat this through a rigorous, tested process that’s executed virtually. Whether it’s a review for production, a regulatory response, or an investigation, our small, nimble teams virtually execute a TAR process to identify responsive material. Our expert technology-driven workflows are custom-tailored to each matter, ensuring that your results are more accurate, available faster, and at a lower cost.

Enabling the entire Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM)

At every step of the process, Lighthouse is committed to minimizing risk, improving quality, and substantially reducing our client’s databurden. With years of eDiscovery expertise under their belts, our legal and technology professionals have become trusted advisors toour clients, enabling them to overcome any challenge at any stage of the EDRM, from legal hold to production.

Preservation & Collection
Our certified, expert Digital Forensics team can efficiently and defensibly collect data from our clients around the world, utilizing cutting-edge forensics technology that enables us to collect from virtually any device, platform, or cloud service.
Our industry-leading processing capabilities are fully customizable and scalable, with turnaround times that set a new bar in the industry, regardless of matter size.
Our innovative technology and review workflows reduce data volumes by up to 85%. Rely on our dedicated team of experts paired with our proprietary analytics tools to defensibly reduce data, expedite review, lower cost, and gain strategic insight into your data.
Lighthouse has the scale and capacity to produce millions of pages per day—on time and error-free.
Access a scalable team of experts 24x7x365 for guidance and assistance across projects. Led by a senior project manager, your dedicated team consists of skilled solutions analysts, case managers, and analytics experts.

Key document identification

Our KDI team utilizes specialized linguistic modeling and a proprietary search analytics engine to home in on key documents most critical to formulating early case strategy and driving swift resolutions from pre-litigation through discovery.

Accelerate review with Matter Analytics

Lighthouse Matter Analytics dramatically accelerates email review, reducing up to 70% of email content and helping reviewers make faster relevancy, privilege, PII and redaction decisions. Sophisticated PII classifiers identify likely, and potential PII, and provide visualization analytics on your data.

Flexible pricing

We offer flexible pricing across our eDiscovery services, designed to increase cost control, transparency, and predictability. Our pricing packages include managed services options that are specific to corporations and law firms, and ensure you only pay for what you need.

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