Simplifying Complex Multi-District Document Review

A large healthcare provider faced a series of related matters requiring document review. Lighthouse designed and executed a single review workflow that provided accurate, consistent, and efficient productions.

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Decisions Reused

Lighthouse Managed Review Results

  • Efficient, compliant productions across 14 matters in 9 states (and counting)
  • Nuanced document review performed by one experienced review team,
    eliminating the need to train multiple review teams 
  • Case teams avoided re-reviewing 150K core documents by reusing 100K
    high-quality review decisions and redactions

A Perfect Storm of Review Complexities

A large healthcare provider was facing 14 related matters across 9 states. The initial corpus of documents numbered 11M, with each jurisdiction adding more.

While each matter shared a core set of relevant issues, they all had their own unique relevancy scope and were being handled by different outside counsel and eDiscovery teams. The corpus was also littered with personally identifiable information (PII) that required identification and redaction by review teams before production. 

Combining Expertise and Tech to Drive Efficiency  

The company turned to Lighthouse because of our extensive experience working on complex document review. Our review managers developed a sophisticated workflow to reduce the number of documents requiring review and re-review across jurisdictions by leveraging advanced technology.

Custom Workflow Enables Work Product Reuse

To lower costs and maximize consistency across matters, Lighthouse created an overall document repository and review database, as well as separate jurisdictional databases. The team migrated all 11M documents into the document repository and used advanced AI and review technology to isolate a core set of documents that were most likely to be responsive across all jurisdictions. Our review managers efficiently worked with all outside counsel teams to validate this core set. They also suggested and implemented a coding layout for each jurisdiction to facilitate work product reuse and consistency across matters.

One Skilled Review Team and Review Process for All Matters  

Our combination of managed review, advanced technology, and custom data re-use workflow resulted in a single document set that met all jurisdiction-specific production requirements. These documents were duplicated across all databases for immediate production in multiple matters. 

To get to this caliber of review, our review managers used technology to reduce the number of documents needing eyes-on review to 90K and trained an experienced review team on both universal and jurisdictional responsiveness. Technology was also used to expedite PII redaction and propagate coding to the core set of 150K documents. 

Unprecedented Review Time and Cost Savings 

With Lighthouse’s review approach, each case team had more freedom in how they structured their post-production workflows. Our approach also provided stricter control of data and enabled more accurate and predictable billing for the client. Further, all 14 matters now had an initial production ready at the push of a button. In addition to lowering costs, this gave local counsel additional time to assess case strategy, with the first production available in advance of agreed-upon deadlines.

Instantaneous Initial Production for Multiple Matters

Beyond the stellar review outcomes achieved across each matter, Lighthouse’s strategic workflow and use of technology also saved the client an impressive $650K—a delightful surprise to the client, who was prepared to pay more for such a complex litigation series.

As new related matters arise, the client can engage a trained and experienced review team ready to hit the ground running.