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Key Document Identification

The Right Documents, Right Now

Locate key documents with nuance, flexibility, and speed to facilitate business-critical litigation and investigation decisions. Unlike broad keyword searches that require hours of manual review, Lighthouse information retrieval experts use innovative search analytics to target searches precisely for impactful results in less time.


Time Savings

For a query stacked with time and geographical complexity, two retrieval experts delivered results in just two weeks. Read the case study


of Total Documents Delivered

In three weeks, our team delivered 870 key documents from an initial population of 92,000. Read the case study


More Key Docs per Hour

Our powerful search methods quickly surface key documents so you have more time for case strategy. See the difference

Speed to Knowledge

Don’t let hot doc search slow you down. Get your first key documents in days.

Avoid Surprises

Get the whole story from truly critical documents.

Agile Search

Changes in your case strategy? No problem. Our iterative process was built to work with you.

Better Value

See how Lighthouse key document identification stacks up against other common methods. Download our one-pager

Accurate Results When They Matter Most

Engage Lighthouse for key document identification for a variety of matter types and outcomes.

Early Case Analysis

Quickly evaluate the feasibility, impact, and risk of the case. Early intel gives you the insights necessary for business-critical decisions in any legal matter.

Fact Analysis

Drive your offensive case strategy and prepare for your defense with the facts most critical to your case.  

Narrative Development

Bubble up the narratives contained within your documents.

Incoming Production Analysis

Find the key facts contained in documents produced from the opposing party.

Deposition Prep

Prepare witnesses for interviews or depositions with topics and subjects they may be asked about during testimony.

Learn more about Lighthouse Depo Prep

Expert Discovery

Identify documents for use by technical and field experts to conduct their analyses in support of outside counsel.

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Hightly-Curated Deliveries

Our team delivers the fewest documents that provide counsel with the complete picture of a fact pattern. This minimizes the time required to review the delivered documents without the fear of missing information critical to the case.

Nuanced Search

Finding the handful of hot documents from thousands or even millions of documents is no easy feat. Information retrieval specialists combined with technology built to query document text and metadata produces search so complex, it can replace up to 700,000 lines in common search tools.

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Consistency Across Matters and Counsel

Lighthouse experts document their processes to ensure there’s no overlap or wasted time on previously reviewed documents and keep track of data and searches for reuse in future matters. We’ve successfully served as a centralized search desk for joint defense groups for multi-district litigations. And, we build institutional knowledge with each engagement, making us more efficient with every matter.

It wouldn’t have been possible without [lighthouse] putting us in a position to succeed. I can’t tell you how many times we relied on the searches and work product that [your team] generated.

— Counsel, Am Law 100

[Lighthouse] helped us find what we needed, faster than we ever could have-and the best part is that we didn’t have to pay an arm and a leg to get the job done.

— General Counsel, Fortune 100 Technology Company

In over 40 depositions, I have never been surprised by a document used by opposing counsel.

— Partner, Am Law 5

Case Studies

Beyond Relevance: Finding Evidence in a Fraction of the Time

Finding the Keys to a Strategic Defense in a Second Request

Law Firm Reconstructs Contract History from 92,000 Documents in Three Weeks

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