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The Best Tools, the Best Team, in One Place

When you're conducting a corporate investigation, you need to get to the facts so you can take informed next steps. However, the evidence you uncover can often change the overall trajectory or scope of an investigation, making it more challenging to respond quickly and confidently.

Lighthouse Spectra helps you get to critical data faster, and capture evidence earlier. Bring your day-to-day investigations in house with this cloud-based platform, including guided data collection, analytics and production—plus expert assistance only a click away.

Enhance your eDiscovery Workflow

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Reduce Costs

Spectra helps you achieve more predictable costs at every stage of eDiscovery. In addition to offering simple consumption-based or subscription pricing models, Native File Manager helps reduce hosting footprint and fees, and Lighthouse CORE Automation orchestrates efficient workflows within and across matters.

Move at Your Own Pace

Use Spectra for complex cases, small matters—or anything in between. With cost-effective procurement options, you can use it anywhere it makes sense and scale up or down as needs change.

Go Beyond eDiscovery

Legal teams depend on Lighthouse Spectra for traditional eDiscovery programs—but that’s just part of its power. You can also use the platform to perform audits, monitor compliance, and kick off internal investigations, providing additional return on investment and allowing you to keep more work in-house.

Praise for Spectra

Fast and easy setup, DIY for everything but with a fantastic, responsive support team available to handle anything out of our comfort zone. Ability to do nearly any admin task ourselves is key.

— from Capterra, Law Practice User

We could not manage our documents without this software! Uploading documents is easy and we are able to tailor the program to our needs.

— from Capterra, Law Practice Associate

Lighthouse Spectra makes our litigation and eDiscovery work so much easier. The interface is slick and easy to process documents into Relativity.

— from Capterra, Litigation Manager in Higher Education

Comprehensive Capabilities and Top-Tier Support

Spectra is designed for speed, helping you set up your matter and upload data within minutes. Anytime you need help, Spectra Support is a click away, aligned with the world-class project and delivery teams our clients rave about.

Save Up to 70% on Hosting Costs

Use Spectra’s native file management to review text and metadata, so you don't pay to host unnecessary native files. Load native files in Relativity only if or when you need them.

Set Up One, for All

When you create a matter in Spectra, you use the full palette of technology tools simultaneously. Set up users and manage global permissions from a single console. No waiting, no delays—start working your case in Nuix, Relativity, and Brainspace immediately.

Speed Data Uploads

Kick-off faster with accelerated data ingestion. Select from local storage or transfer via SFTP or IBM Aspera, and do other tasks while upload happens in the background.

Choose Best-Fit Pricing

Only buy what you need. Pay as you go, with consumption pricing, or keep your costs predictable with a fixed-fee Spectra subscription.

Scale Support as You Need It

From simple questions to full-service training and complex consultation, our team is ready to help you maximize Spectra for your matters.

Count on 99.99% Uptime

Your access is our priority. Lighthouse Spectra consistently exceeds 99.99% availability, powered by SOC 2 certified data centers with a fully mirrored, multi-region approach to resilience and recovery.

Uniting the Best Tools in eDiscovery

Deploying Relativity, Brainspace, and other industry-leading eDiscovery tools in-house can require significant infrastructure spending, operational hassles, and ongoing budget challenges. With Spectra, you access the best apps in one streamlined platform and administer matters and users across tools from one central location.

An infographic showing how Spectra works with IBM Aspera, Nuix, Relativity, and Brainspace across the EDRM.

Last month, Spectra clients saved:


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One-Stop eDiscovery for Your In-House Team

Spectra for Corporations

Need to bring more eDiscovery activities in-house? Spectra can handle internal investigations, third-party subpoenas, subject access requests, and more. Build in efficiencies, scale the time and skills of your in-house team—and reap the benefits of cost savings.

Watch the video to learn how T-Mobile improved in-house eDiscovery with Spectra.

Scale and Speed for Satisfied Clients

Spectra for Law Firms

From small matters and fast-moving cases to terabytes of evidence, Spectra enables your firm to move and scale with agility—and helps your team do their best work every day. Consolidate and recoup costs otherwise spent on disparate, specialized vendors—and pass those savings to clients.

Watch the video to learn about this AmLaw firm's approach to bringing eDiscovery in-house.

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