Energy Company Saves Hundreds of Hours with the Right Combination of Technology and Human Expertise

A leading energy company gained the flexibility to use self-service technology and full-service expertise as needed, reducing costs and optimizing outcomes.

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of hours freed for matter-critical work


eDiscovery savings from simplified licensing and improved self-service

Key Actions

  • A multinational energy company sought eDiscovery efficiency and scalability
  • A seamless combination of self-service Lighthouse Spectra eDiscovery and full-service Lighthouse consulting enabled them to meet a wide range of needs
  • Minor matters can be addressed with low-cost self-service tools
  • A full-service Lighthouse team applies in-depth review expertise to complex matters

Key Results

  • $50,000 year-over-year cost reduction
  • 100+ hours freed for matter-critical work
  • Flexibility to meet varying matter requirements
  • Training improved speed and accuracy of self-service eDiscovery

What They Needed

A multinational energy company wanted to stop relying on an expensive patchwork of third-party eDiscovery providers and adopt a unified, cost-effective strategy. It sought transparent pricing and self-service access to the latest technology, including Relativity and Brainspace. At the same time, it needed a consistent team of experienced eDiscovery and review experts for more in-depth needs.

How We Did It

Lighthouse listened closely as the company described its desire for greater scalability and efficiency. We proposed a seamless combination of self-service capabilities on the Lighthouse Spectra platform and a dedicated full-service team for complex matters. This proven, flexible approach minimizes cost for minor matters while ensuring available capacity and expertise for complex projects.

The Lighthouse Spectra support team accelerated onboarding through technical assistance and training. After completing a proof of concept, the client immediately began ingesting matters into Spectra. At the same time, we assembled a dedicated full-service team to be ready when needed.  

We appreciate the flexibility to scale from self-service to full-service seamlessly when we need to.

Client’s eDiscovery Manager

The Results

Using the intuitive, familiar Lighthouse Spectra experience—incorporating Relativity and Brainspace functionality—the client rapidly discovered and reviewed data for internal investigations, subpoenas, and other minor matters. They no longer needed to license and manage Relativity and Brainspace separately, benefitting from a predictable, fixed-fee pricing model that fits their budget and scales to meet their needs.

The Lighthouse team simplified data processing and exception handling, freeing resources to focus on strategic aspects of a given matter. As soon as a case warranted, they could triage it to the full-service team directly from the Spectra workspace. The result is a more responsive, cost-effective eDiscovery strategy, saving the company hundreds of hours and almost $50,000.