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Lighthouse Depo Prep

A Competitive Edge in Every Deposition

Gain the advantage ahead of every deposition. Guided by case team feedback, Lighthouse experts use our powerful search technology to deliver skillfully curated depo kits that are chock-full of all the information, key docs, and strategic insights you need to know before every deposition.

Avoid Surprises on the Record

Depositions are high-risk, high reward. It’s imperative that you fully understand all the facts and the deponent’s role in the narrative.

Using Lighthouse advanced technology, our search experts find the key information others miss.

Extend Your Team

Lighthouse serves as a critical partner to case teams preparing for depositions.

With their extensive litigation experience and deep search expertise, our experts become your eyes and ears in the documents—empowering you to focus on strategy, not doc review.

Speed to Knowledge

When time is of the essence, you can count on Lighthouse to provide the information you need, faster.

With curated depo prep kits delivered ahead of every deposition, you’ll gain back time to concentrate on the details that matter—giving you an edge over your opponents.

What You Get with Lighthouse Depo Prep

  • A dedicated team of search professionals representing competencies in linguistics, law, information retrieval, data mining, and statistics
  • An average of 200 key documents per deponent
  • Summary of the documents identified, highlighting particularly risky or noteworthy documents
  • A description of the role and summary of responsibilities for the deponent (when appropriate)
  • Results delivered according to your deposition preparation schedule
  • Saved searches in Relativity to organize deponent results

The Lighthouse Difference

Lighthouse Process
Conventional Process
Initial Document Corpus Reduction
Search beyond full-name hits including variants on the deponent’s name, different email addresses, alternate spellings, nicknames, and first or last-name-only hits to ensure a comprehensive review of documents.
General full-name keyword hits, often resulting in missing key documents.
Further Refinement
Duplicate and near-duplicate suppression, email threading, and any remaining exact or near-duplicates through hash or text duplicate identification.
Additional topical or thematic keywords open the potential to miss even more documents.
Key Document Search
Flexible, iterative search using nuanced syntax that can pinpoint documents.
Manual review with issue coding.
Final Attorney Review
Requires attorney review of 1% (or less) of original corpus to determine final set of key documents.
Requires attorney review of 10-30% of original corpus to determine final set of key documents.

Time Needed to Find One Key Document




Other Review Methods



Lighthouse Depo Prep in Action

Lighthouse has helped case teams prepare for depositions in some of the highest-profile litigations in the US.

Lighthouse Litigation Prep Proves Invaluable in Complex Litigation

Law Firm Equipped with 35 Deposition Kits, At or Before DOJ Deadlines, for Massive Antitrust Investigation

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