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Secure IP Offboarding


Employee activity reports were analyzed and generated by Lighthouse digital forensics experts in the last calendar year.

Make Proprietary and Confidential Data Defense Part of Your Company's Standard Process

When employees leave your organization, you’re at risk for more than corporate brain drain. Departing employees can exfiltrate valuable intellectual property (IP), and you likely won’t know it happened—until it’s too late.

Avoid the monetary, regulatory, and reputational risks of insider data breaches with Secure IP Services that augment your existing offboarding processes.

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A Programmatic Approach to Securing IP


Stakeholder scoping at the outset of the program ensures we're focusing on the right combination of factors, sources, and behaviors.


A one-on-one specialist interview and remote laptop scans with remote machine analysis help confirm no IP has been leaked.


Summary reports of findings, recommendations, and overall risk provide insights so you can act fast, if necessary.


Times Have Changed—Has Your Offboarding Process Kept Up?

An ultra-competitive job market and radically remote workspaces mean it's easier and more advantageous than ever for employees to take enterprise IP to their next gig. Add IP security to your offboarding checklist so you can stop data theft before it becomes a breach. Find out what's missing from your checklist.

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Augment Your Processes with Lighthouse Expertise

HR and IT teams typically responsible for offboarding are not equipped to decipher the employee behaviors associated with exfiltrating IP and confidential data. Engage Lighthouse digital forensics experts to remove this burden from in-house resources. Our specialists perform employee interviews and provide offboarding reports, so you have a clear picture of IP theft risk.

Escalate Without Delay

When a light-touch departing employee interview uncovers evidence of data theft, you’ll want to move quickly to determine the extent of the breach. From broad-stroke activity analysis to forensic collection, investigation and review, experience seamless people and technology handoffs under one roof.

Protect IP from the Beginning

New employees can bring IP to your organization from their former employers. Detect and prevent competitors' data infiltrating your systems and avoid consequences for material reuse due to a new employee’s past behavior.

Control Your Costs

Data Breaches Caused by Employee Negligence Cost Organizations an Average of $6.6M Aannually*

When it comes to data breaches, prevention is far more cost-effective than cure. Starting at less than $6,000 monthly,** Lighthouse employee offboarding services reduce the risk of IP exfiltration by performing specialized offboarding activities.

Macroeconomic trends make staffing and turnover unpredictable—your costs for controlling IP theft shouldn’t have to be, too. Pay one flat fee each month for offboarding interview and reporting services provided by Lighthouse.

IP Security Services Cost Calculator

Use the slider to estimate your services cost. The total departing employee number is the average quantity of employees that leave your organization per month with a qualifying risk profile to be a candidate for IP security offboarding services. Not sure how many employees meet this risk profile? Consider the employees’ seniority, role, length of tenure, and conditions surrounding departure.

Departing employees per month in increments of five


Monthly services could cost as low as:

*Source: 2022 Cost of Insider Threats Global Report | Ponemon
**Based on 5 departing employee (custodian) interviews/reports per month

Learn How Lighthouse Helps Clients Secure Their IP

Lighthouse Finds the Hidden Forensic Evidence Other Teams Miss

Lighthouse Red Flag Report Prevents Proprietary Data from Being Taken by Departing Employee

Lighthouse experts are ready to talk about Secure IP Employee Offboarding topics including:​

  • How employee offboarding can align seamlessly with your existing data security and risk mitigation practices
  • Expert forensic review of your most complex data sources including collaboration and mobile device data
  • Augmenting your internal investigations with Secure IP Employee Offboarding and across the lifecycle of employee-created data
  • Additional offboarding services including preliminary laptop scans and in-place preservation
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