Microsoft 365 Services

From data creation to eDiscovery, our comprehensive solution for Microsoft 365 covers the entire enterprise data lifecycle.

Integrated legal, compliance, and eDiscovery

The proliferation of modern data requires a holistic approach to data management across the entire lifecycle to control exponential growth in cost and inefficiency.

We empower organizations to design and implement integrated solutions to defensibly manage data—from creation to classification through disposal—resulting in decreased cost and increased efficiency.

Innovating with Microsoft Syntex

Lighthouse is using Microsoft Syntex to transform legal and compliance workflows helping corporate legal teams gain efficiency, so their lawyers have more time to deal with legal matters, without sacrificing quality in their legal content management processes.

Mitigate risk and maximize ROI

Defensible practices

Combining Microsoft product expertise with decades of hands-on legal and compliance experience, our team of experts help organizations design and deploy legally defensible programs utilizing the full suite of Microsoft 365 information governance tools.

Reduced spend

Optimizing policies, operating models, and configuration of software to improve management of in-place data can decrease overall volume—in turn decreasing downstream eDiscovery spend. Use of native Microsoft 365 tools reduces the dependence on additional third-party tools and centralizes data management, decreasing cost and increasing efficiency.

Solutions that scale

Utilizing the full capabilities of Microsoft 365 for legal and compliance helps organizations decrease dependence on third-party systems that can be costly to maintain, and provides access to the continually evolving Microsoft software suite. Our unique Microsoft relationship empowers us to keep clients on the leading edge of what’s possible, ensuring readiness and supporting growth.

Comprehensive eDiscovery for corporations

Records and information management

Understand Microsoft 365’s full capabilities for managing the records lifecycle—from creation to classification to disposal.

Migration and implementation

Ensure high-risk data is migrated to Microsoft 365 defensibly and in a manner that meets legal, compliance, and business requirements.

Legal hold

Optimize your use of Microsoft 365 to support a repeatable, documented, and defensible process for preserving data in place.

eDiscovery operations

Modernize your e-discovery operating model to more readily meet e-discovery requirements, encompassing not only Microsoft data sources, but also native tools that can drive efficiency, and decrease risk and spend.

Privacy, security, and compliance

Determine how best to manage critical data using Microsoft 365 tools to satisfy evolving legal and regulatory requirements, such as the need for privacy impact assessments, responding to data subject requests, and ensuring data segregation and/or residency.  

Ongoing optimization

CloudCompass empowers organizations to stay on top of Microsoft 365 software updates that may impact legal and compliance workflows by providing access to fully tested analysis of changes and bespoke support.

Microsoft 365 Consulting Services

Unparalleled legal and technical expertise

Our team of experts possess not only Microsoft 365 product knowledge, but also legal, regulatory and operational experience derived from prior roles at some of the world’s largest corporations. This makes us uniquely suited to helping organizations identify and remediate legal and compliance risk associated with information and technology.

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