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Lighthouse AI-Powered Privilege Review

Decrease Complexity and Risk with the Most Capable Privilege Review Offering on the Market

Lighthouse combines powerful predictive and generative AI technology with expert reviewers to catch more privilege, with fewer false positives, and make the best use of attorney time and analysis.

Unmatched Quality

Identify and log privileged information with pinpoint accuracy to avoid errors and reduce risk.

Vital Efficiency

Optimize eyes-on review to save time and cost in one of the most arduous areas of document review.

Exponential Value

Tailor our models to your data and apply to multiple matters for increased quality and efficiency over time.


More Accurate than Privilege Terms

In a matter with 1.5M documents, a client compared Lighthouse Privilege Review AI against privilege terms to identify potentially privileged families and found our AI models were 6.6x more accurate than terms.

Novel Privilege Classifiers Enabled by the Latest AI


Enterprise-Specific Privilege Classifiers Trained Since 2019

Our Privilege Review AI classifiers are built on large language models that analyze text with unprecedented sophistication, helping you:

  • Find privilege that other methods miss
  • Minimize false positives
  • Reduce overall privilege review populations  
  • Focus time where likelihood is greatest
  • Add another layer of oversight to QC

AI-Generated Log Lines for Speed and Accuracy

Cut the amount of time you spend on privilege log in half with our automated privilege log descriptions. Instead of writing from scratch each time, quickly approve or edit descriptions generated by AI.


Our tool creates unique, editable log lines for each document your team codes as privileged.


High-accuracy output by generative AI increases speed of second level and privilege logging review.


Outside counsel rated our AI-generated log lines better than log lines by first-level contract attorneys.

Rigor and Precision From 1L to QC

Our privilege review teams are specifically trained on how to identify privilege within your document set and make the best use of analytic results. We also select reviewers based on their historical privilege review quality and calibration results.

Our rigorous QC process ensures high-quality privilege calls. We apply our AI privilege model during QC so you can compare against and corroborate attorney decisions.

Impact That Grows With Each Matter

The more you use our solution, the better it gets at navigating the data and privilege considerations that are unique to your matters. You can also see and reuse a document’s past coding decisions when it reappears in new matters, ensuring consistency and avoiding costly disclosures and clawbacks.

Repeated Use Saved Microsoft


We expected nearly 190k documents would be subject to privilege review using our typical workflow. With [the Lighthouse platform] and outstanding outside counsel, our actual results were just over 24k, resulting in a nearly 90% reduction in time and cost. The approach also surfaced privileged documents that our old workflow may have missed, giving us greater confidence in the process. [The Lighthouse analytics platform] is now a standard component of all our Privilege reviews.

— EJ Bastien, Director of Discovery Programs, Microsoft

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Case Studies

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