Using AI to Reduce Privilege Review During an HSR Second Request

Lighthouse helped a savvy global law firm shave off weeks of attorney review in a demanding and complicated Hart-Scott-Rodino (HSR) second request with Lighthouse AI.

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Hours of Attorney Privilege Review Time Saved


Saved in Contract Privilege Review Attorney Costs


Documents Eliminated from Privilege Review

Privilege Terms Yield a Mountain of Documents

A global law firm was engaged to help a company respond to an HSR Second Request. Standard privilege term filters left the firm with nearly 90K documents to review. They turned to Lighthouse to reduce that document set and meet the government’s production deadline.

Lighthouse AI Enhances the Review Team’s Strategy and Efficiency

Lighthouse used our proprietary AI to prioritize and whittle down the documents requiring eyes-on review, resulting in a privilege review process that was far more nuanced, detailed, and faster than if the firm had used a traditional privilege term approach.

First, we partnered with counsel to identify a small number of privilege documents (less than 2K) to train our AI technology on the privilege parameters involved in the matter. After training on that small sample set, Lighthouse AI provided component-level privilege scoring and categorization to the entire dataset.

The results were so accurate that counsel confidently excluded tens of thousands of Lighthouse AI-identified non-privilege documents from eyes-on review, sending them straight to production instead. The remaining documents were prioritized for review based on their higher likelihood of being privileged, per Lighthouse AI scoring.

Time and Money Saved by Removing Non-Privileged Docs

Lighthouse AI enabled the law firm to make strategic and efficient use of privilege review time and resources by:

  • Removing 20K+ non-privileged documents from eyes-on privilege review
  • Focusing attorney review time on documents that were highly likely to require more nuanced, complex privilege analyses

Overall, we saved the law firm 5 to 10 days in review time and helped them meet their deadline with a defensible process.