Law Firm Goes from Keeping Up to Getting Ahead with New In-House eDiscovery Software

A prominent law firm leveraged a cloud-based software solution to increase efficiency and scale, resulting in significant costs savings.

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What They Needed

A mid-sized East Coast law firm­—known for its expertise and experience in complex and high-stakes matters—was looking for new software to replace its in-house legacy technology. Their in-house tool did not provide the level of sophistication or throughput the team needed to continue to scale their work for their clients.

In assessing their potential new partner, the firm required access to best-in-class technology, in particular Relativity and Nuix, as the firm’s employees were already familiar with these platforms. In addition, they wanted to leverage automation to have repeatable processes that would save both themselves and their clients time and money.

The speed is nice. Spectra processes very quickly and data is up for review in a short amount of time.

Law Firm

How We Did It

Lighthouse Spectra was selected for its simple and intuitive interface that allows users to internally manage client matters across best-in-class technology – including Relativity, Nuix, and even Brainspace. With Spectra, the firm can now start matters immediately, without having to go through the vendor solicitation and/or statement of work processes, creating real time savings. And the monthly subscription price for Spectra gave them more transparency around billing and greater cost control to help them stay within their budget.

The onboarding and training processes were quick, due to the experience of the internal team coupled with the ease of use of Spectra’s. After the initial deployment of Spectra, the firm started processing client data through the tool immediately. They were able to get these matters through processing (Nuix) to review (Relativity) within a few hours, rather than an entire day or more, as was typical with their previous in-house solution.

We can go from soup to nuts without having to reinvent the wheel each time. It is truly self-service.
— Law Firm

The Results

Soon after onboarding, the firm took on a couple quick-turn and complex matters that they were able to handle more quickly due to the speed and scale of Spectra, as well as the support of Spectra team. In one instance, they received a request late in the work day that needed to be turned around within a short period of time. Prior to deploying Spectra, that would have taken some hands-on experience and a day’s worth of time. With Spectra, they were able to process it as soon as they received it and it was available for review within a few short hours.

In another instance, the firm received a request with a pressing deadline where the document set consisted of approximately 95% foreign-language text. Quickly translating the text to English was imperative to firm’s success. To solve this problem, the Spectra team pointed the firm to a machine language translation tool that easily integrates with Spectra. By deploying the integrated translation service on the workspace, documents submitted for translation were loaded back into the workspace as easily as if it was performing a mass edit. This provided an easy solution for the firm for this particular matter, and now that it’s integrated, the feature is available to the firm on demand.

By moving to Spectra, the law firm was able to leverage best-in-class technology, gain more transparency and control around the entire eDiscovery process, and create efficiencies and therefore, reduce costs for themselves and their clients. Leveraging Spectra, the law firm can now do more with less and scale their business to support their clients’ growing needs.