Fortune 500 Company Saves $500K+ with New In-House eDiscovery Software

Lighthouse Spectra helps a considerable healthcare organization gain control, pricing transparency, and efficiency gains in the eDiscovery process.

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Data Minimization


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Annual Cost Savings

What They Needed

A large healthcare organization was looking to solve their eDiscovery challenges around speed and cost. Specifically, they needed to increase their overall efficiency, and have more control over their matters with truly transparent and lower ediscovery-related costs. 

How We Did It

Lighthouse Spectra was chosen to help achieve these key goals. Spectra is a self-service, on-demand eDiscovery tool with a transparent subscription-based pricing model. Spectra users can also access a full-time project management team at Lighthouse, whenever needed – all for one predictable price.

Spectra onboarding was tailored to the users’ needs and focused on teaching users how to use Spectra itself, as well as when and how to use Brainspace, an analytics engine available inside the platform. Since Spectra is built with an intuitive interface, it only took a few short trainings over the course of a few weeks for the users to become comfortable using it. 

The Lighthouse team also ensured that Relativity and Spectra were customized to the organization’s specific needs. Our teams ensured that all customized permissions and views were set up within Relativity and worked with the organization to create custom Relativity templates to apply their standard coding pallets, rule-based coding propagations, pre-baked saved searches, standard views/layouts, imaging profiles, and more. Additionally, the Lighthouse team also assisted in building a continuous multi-model learning (CMML) workflow for their team to leverage within Spectra. 

Once set up was complete, the organization immediately started leveraging Spectra to process their data and run search terms as needed on a variety of diverse case types, including labor and employment cases, internal investigations, and OIG requests.

The Results

By moving to Spectra, the healthcare organization gained more control over their eDiscovery processes, created more efficient workflows, and achieved significant cost savings with transparent and predictable pricing.

Since deploying the tool, the organization found that using the search and analytics capabilities of Spectra reduced the volume of natives to just 4.5% of the total hosted volume, minimizing the count of documents being reviewed by 95%. 

The custom Relativity template prevents the need to reinvent the wheel with each new matter and drive consistency across their portfolio. Further, the CMML workflow allows the organization to prioritize review of documents that are most likely to be responsive, as well as minimize the number of documents that go to review. Both of these enhancements allowed the organization to increase their overall speed from collection to production while lowering their overall eDiscovery-related costs.

Through these new workflows and processes, the healthcare organization has achieved both defensibility and affordability and reduced review time from days to hours. This has resulted in an overall savings of $500K in their first year with Spectra.\