Big Data, Impossible Timeline, Successful Results

Lighthouse collected, processed, and imaged 550 GB of data in less than 96 hours, saving a client from an eight-figure sanction.

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Starting Dataset

96 Hour

Total Turnaround Time

14 Day

Allowed Timeframe

What They Needed

Lighthouse’s client, an Am Law 100 firm, had to respond to a request for production in a highly sensitive matter. The client originally contracted another eDiscovery service provider for collection, processing, and production. Much of the collected data was corrupt and the other service provider was unable to handle a large majority of the data. Facing an eight–figure sanction if the production deadline was missed, the client abandoned their provider and contacted Lighthouse.

Lighthouse had 14 days to resolve corrupt data, process the data, identify and segregate the already reviewed data, provide the unreviewed data for review, and produce the responsive data. Complicating matters even further, the data set was sizeable—550GBs—and the client needed at least a week to review the data before production.

How We Did It

Collect, Analyze, Repair

A close inspection of the data revealed that another on-site collection would be necessary in order to deal with the corrupt data. On February 9, two forensic experts from Lighthouse collected three email exchange servers totaling 550 gigabytes. Lighthouse was able to repair some of the corrupt data; however, some data was corrupt at the source. This corrupt data could not interfere with the production to the government so Lighthouse processed the non-corrupt data overnight. The client then requested additional searching and culling for a specific list of custodians.

Reduce, Process, Deliver

As a result of the way the data was stored, Lighthouse had to navigate through a large number of files to identify the data belonging to the list of custodians. Ultimately, Lighthouse was left with 245 gigabytes which it further culled and filtered. Lighthouse’s experts then segregated 8,000 documents that the client previously reviewed so that the client did not have to waste time re-reviewing these documents. With the deadline looming, Lighthouse immediately imaged the documents for review. Lighthouse provided client with just over 25,000 images for review on February 13.


As a result of Lighthouse’s speed and ability to handle the corrupt data, the client avoided an eight-figure sanction. In a matter of 96 hours, Lighthouse forensically collected 550 gigabytes from three email exchange servers, extracted 245 gigabytes from those servers, identified 8,000 documents in a corrupted media environment, and imaged over 25,000 documents.