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Lighthouse Review Intelligence

Get an edge in every matter using the full power of our review accelerators and alternatives. Lighthouse Review Intelligence shrinks datasets defensibly, classifies documents at scale, and helps you find key documents faster so you can concentrate on case strategy. Built on AI, linguistics, and information retrieval expertise, we multiply the power of your people to drive outstanding legal outcomes.

Meet Evolving Needs with Tailored, Scalable Solutions

We match Review Intelligence capabilities to the needs of our clients and their cases, individually or across multiple matters. Our solutions were built so we can pivot quickly and cost-effectively without having to start back at square one. With models that learn within and across matters, Lighthouse delivers increasing dividends over time.

Get Insights Faster

Significantly reduce your time to knowledge so you can set your strategy earlier.

Cut Datasets Down to Size

Capture what’s relevant while reducing eyes-on review to the absolute minimum.

Pinpoint Sensitive Information

Accurately identify privilege, sensitive, and toxic information to reduce risk of inadvertent production.

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Key Document Identification

Quickly find critical documents to support litigation and investigations using innovative linguistic modeling and information retrieval. Assess your case earlier, rapidly explore theories, and gain confidence that you have all the facts. Our experts use linguistics, advanced analytics, and custom-developed search tools to support your team and help you win.

  • Early risk assessment
  • Fact analysis
  • Narrative development
  • Issue identification
  • Witness and deposition kits
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Keyword Consultation

Identify strategic, nuanced search terms that reduce review volumes up to 99 percent more than conventional keywords. Combat defensibility challenges and ensure a robust production with advanced keyword consulting from Lighthouse experts.

Data Reduction

Cull more intensively to drive down costs and keep your experts focused on what matters. Our advanced techniques can reduce datasets at the outset beyond what's possible with traditional methods.

Linguistic Responsive Review

Get defensible and accurate results quickly and with cost predictability. Using expertise in linguistics, law, and analytics, along with our exclusive technology tools, our experts rapidly identify responsiveness. Our historical recall and precision rates are 80 percent or higher, far better than typical outcomes. In-depth support and transparency ensure complete confidence in the process and help you make data-driven decisions.

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Privilege Identification

Identify privileged data faster and with better accuracy than human reviewers alone. Using previous privilege calls and confidence scores, our model reduces attorney review by up to 40 percent compared to other processes. An iterative process increases precision over time, optimizing workflow efficiency.

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Sensitive Data Classification

Regulations protecting personally identifiable information (PII) and protected health information (PHI) continue to grow in number and complexity, including GDPR, HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley, and the California Consumer Privacy Act. We quickly identify sensitive content in datasets of any size, helping prevent inadvertent exposure and regulatory risk.

Additionally, our tools and experts can surface information that supports a protection order, such as confidential communications and trade secrets, helping to safeguard proprietary data and giving you a strategic advantage.

Our toxic information finder is a quick and easy way to identify information that is harmful, harassing, or inappropriate to support an investigation, or as a precaution before producing documents.  

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