Lighthouse AI and Analytics Drive Unprecedented Savings Across Multiple Matters

A global pharmaceutical company leverages Lighthouse's AI-powered analytics to reduce legal spending, increase efficiency, and decrease risk in their matters.

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Driving Value on Individual Matters

The pharmaceutical company first came to Lighthouse for better, faster review for a single matter. Leveraging our unparalleled range of advanced analytics accelerators, our experienced review managers and expert consultants created a custom review workflow that significantly reduced data volume, expedited review, and increased the accuracy of data classification.  

Individual Matter Review Workflow and Metrics

Driving Value Across All Matters

Based on the results from the first matter and Lighthouse’s ability to attain even more review efficiency by connecting matters, the company sent additional matters to Lighthouse. Applying advanced AI across the company’s matters resulted in deeper matter insights and upleveled the accuracy of classification models in ways that that would be impossible on one single matter.  

As each new matter is added, Lighthouse AI identifies data that overlaps with past and concurrent matters.

Case A Case B Case C Case D Case E
Overlapping Documents 10,600 28,200 2,500 31,200 32,800

This has two impacts at the outset: 1) significant processing cost savings and unprecedented 2) early insights into new matters. These insights empower counsel to make more strategic, data-backed decisions from the start, leading to extraordinary downstream efficiencies and significantly reduced risk.  

For example, across five currently connected matters for the company, Lighthouse AI showed that:

  • “Outside Counsel A” email domains were coded privileged over 95% of the time.
  • Emails with a government email domain on the communication were coded privilege 15% of the time.  
  • 20K documents of Custodian B were collected and processed across multiple matters, but only 10 documents were ever actually reviewed.  
  • Custodian C’s documents were reviewed and produced across multiple matters, with a 0% privilege rate.

Lighthouse AI-powered insights and connections supercharge the efficiency, accuracy, and consistency for each subsequent matter. Past attorney work product and metadata are used to reduce the need for eyes-on review and improve the consistency and accuracy of review for responsiveness, privilege, PII, confidentiality, redactions, and more.

Case A Case B Case C Case D Case E
Documents produced to review 17,300 51,800 23,700 35,000 74,200
Reused redactions 275 540 50 400 3,600
Reused privilege coding 4,300 6,080 970 4,100 11,000

Driving Value into The Future

The efficiency and risk mitigation benefits continue to grow for the pharmaceutical company with each new matter. A true big data technology, the more data Lighthouse advanced analytics ingests, the deeper and more nuanced its decision-making and insights become. Opportunities for data and attorney work product re-use will also grow with each new matter ingested, amplifying the company’s ROI into the future.