Review Analytics for a New Era

December 15, 2022


In episode two, we introduce our new co-host Paige Hunt, Vice President of Global Discovery Solutions at Lighthouse, who will be joining Bill Mariano as our guide through the legal technology revolution.

In their first Sighting of Radical Brilliance together they chat about an article in Wired that explores the rise of the AI meme machine, DALL-E Mini.

Then, Paige and Bill interview Kara Ricupero, Associate General Counsel and Head of Global Information Governance, eDiscovery, and Legal Analytics at eBay. They explore how a dynamic combination of new technology and human expertise is helping to usher in new approaches to review and analytics that can help tackle modern data challenges. Other questions they dive into, include:

  • How did you identify the kind of advanced technology needed for modern data challenges?  
  • Partnering with the right people and experts across the business to utilize technology and insights seems to be a big part of the equation. How did you work with other stakeholders to leverage analytics? 
  • With new analytics and intelligence, has it changed how you approach review on matters or other processes?
  • How do you think utilizing analytics will evolve as data and review continue to change? What kinds of problems do you think it can help solve? 

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