Anonymization and AI: Critical Technologies for Moving eDiscovery Data Across Borders

December 15, 2022


In this episode's Sighting of Radical Brilliance, our hosts discuss strategies for putting your data to work outlined in a recent Harvard Business Review article.

To elucidate the complexities of moving data across borders, Lighthouse's Damian Murphy, Executive Director of Advisory Services in EMEA, joins the podcast. With Paige and Bill, Damian explains recent updates to data transfer policies, and what AI solutions can be deployed to optimize eDiscovery workflows and maximize data insights while adhering to privacy laws. Some key questions they answer, include:

  • With fines continuing to be issued for GDPR violations and organizations grappling with how to transfer data across regions, data privacy is still not a resolved issue. What are some recent policy changes our audience should be aware of?
  • How have these created challenges for the ways that data is managed and how organizations can ultimately utilize it?
  • Many of our listeners are likely aware of how anonymization and pseudonymization are being utilized, but can you remind us how they work?
  • Is there a typical approach for a client faced with the need to supply data held within the EU in order to comply with an eDiscovery order in the US?
  • If the past is any indication, we should expect privacy policies to continue to change and impact data governance. How are anonymization and pseudonymization, and other approaches, helping prepare for what’s on the horizon?

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