Investigative Power: Utilizing Self Service Solutions for Internal Investigations

December 15, 2022


Paige and Bill start the show with new and exciting research from MIT Sloan on artificial intelligence and machine learning. 

Next, their interview with Justin Van Alstyne, Senior Corporate Counsel, Discovery and Information Governance at T-Mobile. They dive into internal investigations, including how a simple, on-demand software solution can offer the scalability and flexibility teams need to manage investigations with varying amounts of data. Some other questions they explore are:

  • How we collaborate and work has changed immensely over the past few years and that evolution doesn’t appear to be slowing down. How have new tools and data sources complicated conducting internal investigations? 
  • With organizations encountering investigations of different sizes and degree, what workflows or approaches have you found are most flexible to respond to this variability?
  • Along with process, technology is another key part of the equation. When choosing the right technology for internal investigations, what are some of your high-priority considerations? Are there any features that are must-haves?
  • For people contemplating deploying a self service solution, what advice do you give to ensure your team has the right level of expertise and technology to handle their internal investigations at scale?

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