Data Governance for the BYOD Age

December 15, 2022


Law & Candor returns for Season 10 with co-hosts Bill Mariano and Rob Hellewell. They kick off the episode with a discussion of a Harvard Business Review article about the ways AI can make strategy more human.

Next they are joined by John Bair, Senior Consultant in Digital Forensics at Lighthouse, to discuss bring your own device (BYOD) policies, implementing proactive data management programs, and emerging data challenges with remote working. Some questions that they tackle include:

  • From a data governance and management perspective, what are the greatest challenges that have emerged from working from home and BYOD policies?
  • Many organizations may have governance programs in place but still struggle with new data sources or devices. What can make some programs inadequate to face these changes?
  • For those needing to refresh their governance approach, or build something new, what advice do you have for creating a more proactive program to get ahead of these data challenges?
  • How should legal teams work with IT to ensure these types of programs are a success? How should we think about their roles?
  • As mobile devices and virtual work continue to advance, how can teams ensure their data governance programs keep pace?

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John Bair

John is a Principal Forensics Consultant on the Lighthouse Digital Forensic team.  He is considered a Mobile Forensics Subject Matter Expert (SME).  Prior to joining Lighthouse, join worked for approximately 30 years as a commissioned Police Detective, where is  last 13 years were devoted to advanced mobile forensic services encountered during violent crimes investigations.  Join also created an entire new course, which was a three-level mobile forensic offering at the University of Washington - Tacoma.  The course specialized in basic, intermediate, and advanced mobile forensic concepts that used both non-destructive, and thermal/non-thermal destructive means at acquiring stored user data.  The advanced class addressed JTAG. ISP, and Chip-off techniques.  John has authored one book, as well as co-authored another.  Both books address mobile forensic related concepts and methodologies.  John currently has a A.A.S in Criminal Justice, and is working towards is BS in Cybersecurity at Utica College.  Currently, John has received over 100 certificates related to training in digital forensics.

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