Legal’s Mental Health Imperative

December 15, 2022


To kick off the episode, Bill and Paige discuss a piece from that looks at a recent surge in diverse, female general counsels.

Next, they welcome Amy Sellars, Senior Legal Counsel, eDiscovery Operations, at CBRE, for an important conversation about the mental health crisis in the legal industry. They discuss some of the drivers of mental health challenges and what can be done at an individual and industry level to help. They explore a variety of questions, including:

  • How has the pandemic or other factors contributed to greater challenges with mental health we’ve read about?
  • Improving mental health is a challenge we’ve seen many industries grapple with recently. Are there unique challenges in legal and eDiscovery that have contributed to the epidemic we’re seeing today?
  • While we’ve heard about ways to personally manage stress, there are also some structural issues at play. What are some strategies or approaches you’ve seen to help improve work/life balance or how work is allocated?
  • As an industry, how can we continue this conversation and keep advancing initiatives to improve mental health and well being for everyone?

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