Scalable Service and Support by Industry Experts​

Your on-demand team of Lighthouse legal professionals.

From full-service eDiscovery management to step-by-step support, Lighthouse legal technology experts are available on demand. You can rely on our eDiscovery professionals to fully shoulder the work at any point in the process, or tag the Spectra team to help you leverage the features of Brainspace, Relativity and more.​

On-demand, Scalable Service

Our team of legal technology experts is available when you need them for both self-service and full-service eDiscovery support. Seamlessly transition matters between Lighthouse service levels on the Spectra platform, offloading your workload to be carried by our team at any phase of a matter or investigation.

If you need guidance to get the most out of the industry’s top tools on Spectra, you can call on our service team to help you fully leverage the capabilities of Brainspace, Relativity Analytics, and Relativity. The Spectra team is even available to consult on custom workflows within these applications to address your audit, compliance, and investigation challenges with defensible, efficient solutions.

An Expert Legal Team

Our legal and technology professionals take a careful, case-by-case approach to supporting clients’ eDiscovery programs. Each case requires attention to detail, and our expert teams are available on demand to help our clients assess risk and take reasonable steps in reaching defensible, cost-effective outcomes.

With a practical perspective borne from years of experience in the industry, we're able to manage the eDiscovery process to significantly cut our clients’ costs while improving the quality of their programs and productions.

Custom Solutions

Designed and engineered to meet the eDiscovery demands of clients across industries and geographies, Spectra can support workflows beyond traditional eDiscovery, including audit, compliance, and investigations.

Our expert Spectra solutions team can partner with your team to identify opportunities to develop and deploy custom workflow and technology solutions, using the powerful capabilities on the platform to meet your unique needs. With the depth of experience and expertise among Lighthouse legal and technology professionals, you can be assured each custom workflow aligns to industry best practices and ever-evolving regulatory standards.

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