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Streamline Internal Investigations with Lighthouse Spectra

Your company already trusts Lighthouse for advanced eDiscovery services and expertise. Did you know your compliance and investigations teams can use powerful Lighthouse technology for internal investigations?

Get to critical data faster and capture evidence earlier for more complex scenarios. Lighthouse Spectra internal investigation software empowers you to bring day-to-day investigations in-house with guided data collection, analytics, and production—with expert assistance only a click away.

Enhance your eDiscovery Workflow

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Move Fast

Upload and process digital evidence in the same time it would take to open a ticket with an external vendor.

Manage Costs

Use Spectra's native file manager to review and analyze text and metadata, so you don't pay to host unnecessary native files. Load native files in Relativity on-demand, only if you need them.

Use the Best  Technology

Access gold-standard review and analysis tools through a simple-to-use interface, combined with the power of Lighthouse analytics and AI. Give your investigators and other reviewers access to the same proven tools relied upon by legal teams everywhere.

Rely on Support When You Need It

Move at self-service speed with the confidence of anytime support. Escalate to eDiscovery and document review seamlessly.

What is Spectra?

Lighthouse Spectra, a fully cloud-based legal technology platform, combines industry-best eDiscovery tools like Nuix, Relativity, and Brainspace into one solution with predictable pricing, award-winning cybersecurity, virtually 100% uptime, and a responsive support team.

An infographic showing how Spectra works with IBM Aspera, Nuix, Relativity, and Brainspace across the EDRM.

How Can You Use Spectra for Investigations?

Corporate investigation teams use Spectra for efficient, in-house investigations into:

Financial Irregularities

Vendor and Supplier Compliance

Automate to Accelerate

Cut Down Processing Times

No matter how complex the investigation gets, you can scale accordingly. Fast, flexible data import gives you control over ingestion, processing, and permissions. Global user assignments ensure your investigators have access to just what they need. Automated processing normalizes data before uploading to maximize search relevance and speed.


Investigate the Most Unique Information

Reduce Data Noise

Minimize repetitive effort and focus on the most unique documents thanks to deduplication options upon ingestion. Plus, persistent highlighting during review helps you focus on and track critical information within your document set.

Find What Matters, Faster

Connect the Dots of Communication

Get ahead of potentially damaging actions with accelerated speed-to-knowledge. Use powerful analytics to contextualize communication patterns, identify actors and topics, and perform behavioral analysis to establish the facts of the investigation.

Specrtra Calculator

Only Pay for What You Host

Save Up to 70% on Hosting Costs

Use Spectra’s native file management to review text and metadata, and load native files in Relativity only if or when you need them.

Outstanding Client Outcomes with Spectra

Good balance of autonomy and support. Professional support staff at Lighthouse provides added peace of mind if something we need falls outside of the internal purview or when we're up against a time wall.

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