Get more from your case data

Navigate offers on-demand visibility of activity and spend across matters, with the ability to monitor and report on valuable cost and performance metrics.

Lighthouse Navigate

Navigate is an easy-to-use, web-based reporting tool providing insight into eDiscovery spend and workflow efficiency across your cases and legal team. The Navigate dashboard is interactive, intuitive, and accessible with just a web browser. You can intelligently monitor and report on your data anywhere, anytime.  

Make informed case decisions, develop accurate budgets and financial forecasts, and implement and monitor effectiveness of matter and cross-matter management processes.

Intelligent program management

Monitor detailed metrics related to case costs, data volume, and the effort and time of your team. With cross-matter visibility, you can intelligently manage your eDiscovery program to meet needs with resources.

Dashboard reporting

Identify and understand resource draw across your cases and legal team with Navigate dashboard reporting. With awareness of case activity and costs, you can accurately budget financial and human resources.


With Navigate, case visibility and decision making are enhanced and accelerated as team members from both inside and outside of your organization can access the metrics relevant to their work. Sharing and protecting sensitive information is done at your discretion by controlling viewer permission for each user. Tracking and validating the progress and results of your projects can be done on demand. In addition, forecasting and planning are made easier through access to a centralized location with financial and operational data rolled up across all of Lighthouse’s services.


Select any one or all matters to see metrics associated with spend, volume and data reduction figures at a glance.


Create, filter and save the combination of reports most relevant.


Set cascading security permissions to control which projects or types of information are available to each user.


Access project information from any web browser on any device.

A one-stop shop for all of [our] data…I love the functionality. When can we meet next to talk about it further?
Prospective client from large financial institution

Empower your team, protect your data

The comprehensive administrative controls of Navigate allow you to easily access, maintain, and share dashboards and reports. Protect sensitive information with confidence with granular user permissions. And because you can use Navigate with just a web browser, you can track and validate the progress and results of projects on demand.

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