Law & Candor Season 11: How Innovative Women Are Advancing eDiscovery, Legal, and AI

March 30, 2023



Mitch Montoya
Mitch Montoya

Individual stories can lead to collective action, innovation, and change. Throughout our celebration of Women’s History Month, this is a critical lesson that has emerged in our conversations with leading women in the eDiscovery, legal, and technology spaces. In the brand-new season of Law & Candor, we’re thrilled to share six more stories of women bringing innovation, agility, and tenacity to modern data and legal challenges. 

Our co-hosts Paige Hunt and Bill Mariano explore a range of key issues with our guests, including:

Episode 1—Optimizing Review with Your Legal Team, AI, and Tech-Forward Mindset 

Episode 2—Everything Dynamic Everywhere: Managing a More Collaborative Microsoft 365

Episode 3— Why Your Data is Key to Reducing Risk and Increasing Efficiency During Investigations and Litigation

Episode 4— An Expert View on the Critical Data Privacy Issues for 2023 and Beyond 

Episode 5— Prioritizing Information Governance and Risk Strategy for a Dynamic Economic Climate

Episode 6— The Chat Effect: Improving eDiscovery Workflows for Modern Collaboration Data 

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Mitch Montoya

Mitch is a Content Marketing Manager at Lighthouse whose focus is connecting industry leaders, clients, and communities to the stories and solutions that impact them most. At Lighthouse, Mitch writes and develops stories highlighting the advancements in artificial intelligence, big data, and information governance. He also brings together industry leaders for thoughtful conversations on the legal technology revolution as the producer of Lighthouse’s podcast, Law & Candor. Prior to Lighthouse, he was a Thought Leadership Marketing Manager at H5, specializing in creative storytelling, brand and messaging development, and content and digital strategy. Mitch started his career as a journalist and earned a Master of Science in Journalism from Northwestern University and a Bachelor of Arts in English Language and Literature from the University of Chicago.