The Chat Effect: Improving eDiscovery Workflows for Modern Collaboration Data

March 29, 2023



We are all participating in the unprecedented evolution of workplace communication. From virtually editing a shared document, to “liking” a chat message, to responding to a colleague with an emoji during a video call—most employees in a modern work environment are actively (and often unknowingly) creating large volumes of collaboration data. For the legal and eDiscovery professions, the speed of this innovation has necessitated parallel rapid advancements in technology and new approaches to workflows to stay ahead of the complexity and scale of chat and collaboration data.

Law & Candor welcomes Vanessa Quaciari, Senior eDiscovery Counsel at Baker Botts, to discuss improvements in collection, review, and production that can help you manage collaboration data and scale your approach as the evolution continues.

This episode's sighting of radical brilliance: ChatGPT

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