Why Your Data is Key to Reducing Risk and Increasing Efficiency During Investigations and Litigation

March 29, 2023



Handling large volumes of data during an investigation or litigation can be anxiety-inducing for legal teams. Corporate datasets can become a minefield of sensitive, privileged, and proprietary information that legal teams must identify as quickly as possible in order to mitigate risk. Ironically, corporate data also provides a key to speeding up and improving this process. By reusing metadata and work product from past matters in combination with advanced analytics, organizations can significantly reduce risk and increase efficiency during the review process.

Law & Candor welcomes Cassie Blum, Senior Director of Review Consulting at Lighthouse, to discuss how to implement this data strategy, including what technology and workflows can optimize its success.

This episode's sighting of radical brilliance: 7 Ways to be a more inclusive colleagueFast Company, February 24, 2023.

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