Understanding and Creating Effective and Best eDiscovery Practices for G-Suite

December 4, 2019



In the final episode of season two, co-hosts Bill Mariano and Rob Hellewell discuss what a US approach to data protection and privacy would look like in the Sightings of Radical Brilliance segment of the show. In particular, they discuss how we are seeing these pop up on a state-by-state basis and whether we need a Federal law that applies to privacy. 

Bill and Rob are joined by Alison Shier, Client Development Manager at Lighthouse, to discuss the challenges and best practices around G-Suite data for their sixth and final episode of the season. The three cover the following questions: 

  • Is leveraging G-suite a more common trend/theme in the space?
  • How is Gmail data different than Outlook data? 
  • What are some of the challenges around managing this data?
  • What are some of the downstream issues and challenges around review of this data?
  • How do we address these challenges?
  • How do TAR and analytics impact G-suite data?

The season ends with key takeaways from the guest speaker section. 

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Alison Shier

Alison Shier began her career in Arnold & Porter LLPs antitrust group, where she served as a core member of the team managing ediscovery and document review for large and complex second requests. From there, she began working as a Project Manager for another ediscovery provider and quickly moved up the ranks to become one of ten National Account Directors. During this experience, Alison worked with one of the largest global financial institutions to update and build out new ediscovery program protocols and processes. Now, Alison works with law firm and corporate clients to draft ediscovery program guidelines, implement CLE and training programs, manage reporting around costs and review, and ensure that client’s quality and service requirements are met consistently.

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