eDiscovery Analytics and Review

Wielding cutting-edge technology and deep linguistic expertise, our highly skilled teams provide custom workflows and groundbreaking analytic insights that significantly reduce data, lower costs, and minimize risk.

Our document review philosophy

While most document review providers center on staffing, Lighthouse leads with innovative technology to achieve exceptional document review efficiency and to get more from your data. 

Unlike our competitors, the entirety of our focus is on bringing future-facing review to the market, not on preserving outdated revenue streams.

Central to our approach is harnessing the power of advanced analytics and expert linguistic modeling to prioritize the most critical and impactful areas of review, such as key document identification, and accelerate your time to production.

Expert document reduction services

The Lighthouse Focus team is a dedicated service division, leveraging advanced analytics technologies and Early Case Assessment (ECA) tools, as well as workflows, legal expertise, and search consultation to help clients effectively manage the growing complexity and cost of document review.

Key document identification (KDI) services

Our KDI team utilizes specialized linguistic modeling and a proprietary search analytics engine to home in on key documents most critical to formulating early case strategy and driving swift resolutions from pre-litigation through discovery.

Cutting-edge review technology

The Lighthouse in-house development team designed innovative analytic technologies to streamline your work, drastically decrease the size of your document review set, and reduce your risk.

Review efficiency

Prism is the newest tool in our analytics arsenal. Developed by our team of in-house innovators, Prism gives you unprecedented insights across your entire matter portfolio. Prism uses AI algorithms and prior attorney work product to unlock nuanced and tailored analysis that helps you make better, faster decisions for discovery and beyond.

Review workflow enhancement

Our SmartSeries suite was designed to achieve the maximum reduction of data for review. SmartSeries makes quick work of otherwise time and labor-intensive review tasks, allowing you to concentrate your resources on the intelligent work of case development.

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