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Managed Review for Corporations

Improve legal outcomes with review built for modern data. Trusted by Fortune 500 companies, we start from your current review processes and develop strategies to reduce costs and risks over time.

Bringing together next-generation technology and industry-leading specialists, we optimize review for matters of all sizes and types. Our agile and flexible approach enables you to adapt your legal strategy to emerging insights.

With proven accuracy and speed, we surface key documents and information sooner and increase the likelihood of finding winning insights when they have maximum impact.

Beyond individual matters, our advanced cross-matter analytics deliver insights to shape a strategic approach to review across your company, positioning you for long-term success and helping you provide a competitive advantage for your company.

Agile Review

Pivot case strategy and incorporate new information effortlessly.

Unrivaled Scale

Handle terabytes of data efficiently and cost-effectively.

Dramatic Cost Savings

Save up to 90 percent of conventional document review costs with our cross-matter analytics.

How Corporations Use Lighthouse for Review

Proven Workflows Tailored to Your Unique Case Needs

Lighthouse partners closely with you to integrate automation and analytics into your review workflow in ways that match your business goals and legal strategy. From industry-leading platforms to bespoke algorithms, our experts can develop a winning program customized to each matter, from small, quick-turn cases to complex, multi-year litigation.

We enhance review at all phases for various scenarios, including internal investigations, compliance reviews, employment matters, commercial litigation, and government investigations. You get maximum efficiency and consistency with best practices at all stages. 

Early Case Assessment

The faster your team can get the information it needs, the better the outcome. Lighthouse early case assessment (ECA) workflows combine purpose-built analytic and search technology with unique expertise to hand them required documents—right out of the gate. 

Lighthouse ECA processes can be customized for various situations, including liability analysis, damage assessment, adversary investigation, budget forecasting, early sensitive and privileged data identification, and data reduction. 

Using modern data analytics means Lighthouse ECA often delivers significantly greater cost reductions and more accurate budget estimates than traditional manual review.

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Including Specialized Solutions for Complex Matters

Whatever litigation you face, Lighthouse can provide review solutions to help you achieve better outcomes at a lower cost. We handle review for hundreds of corporate litigations annually, with document populations ranging from megabytes to terabytes.

Regardless of scale or complexity, our review teams and specialized linguistic, analytic, and legal experts work together to dramatically reduce cost, increase efficiency and consistency, and mitigate risk for businesses across industries.

Multi-District Litigation

Using specialized workflows, we comprehensively connect matters across multi-district litigation (MDL) to minimize costly re-review of documents. After data ingestion, our analytics platform delivers insights around overlapping documents and potential classifications in as little as 24 hours.

Our models can port coding directly or learn from each document decision for results that improve before your eyes. The longer we work together, the more knowledge our models and experts gain, making the relationship more valuable with every matter.

We have regularly served as a centralized search desk for Joint Defense Groups (JDGs) to ensure consistency and decrease overall review across outside counsel firms.

Internal Investigations and Compliance Reviews

Get investigations done quickly and correctly with some of the fastest turnaround times in the industry. Lighthouse often provides resolutions in hours or days versus weeks or months for other solutions.

We meet the review needs of any investigative priority with a proactive, technology-optimized approach. We can help you make the most of internal review resources with user-friendly tools and advanced technology or handle the end-to-end review process using our experienced consultants and review teams.

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Government Investigations

Navigate government investigations, regulatory matters, and antitrust reviews with efficient, insightful review experts by your side. Lighthouse can assist with review related to investigations by the SEC, DOJ, FTC, state attorneys general, and Congress.

Regulatory agencies regularly accept our technology-forward solutions as equal or superior to manual document review methods.

We can help you identify key documents related to agency investigations, including:

  • Proving that no documents exist to support government allegations  
  • Capturing key documents used in defense  
  • Preparing deposition kits for witness appearances before investigators
  • Organizing records for use in negotiations and presentations to regulators

Hart-Scott-Rodino Second Request Solution

Navigate Hart-Scott-Rodino (HSR) Second Requests during mergers and acquisitions (M&A) with the agility and accuracy to meet substantial compliance with confidence. Our purpose-built HSR Second Request solution has a strong track record of approval by the DOJ and FTC.

From identifying key documents for the 4(c) and 4(d) to the request itself, we combine strong experience and innovative technology to reduce the burden on your team and help you close the deal.

Learn more about HSR Second Requests

This was the most calm I’ve been when ready to comply with a Second Request.

— Senior Counsel for Competition, Fortune 500 Technology Company

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Cross-Matter Analysis

With enterprise data volumes increasing yearly, starting from scratch with each review is inefficient, risky, and ineffective. Lighthouse cross-matter analytics enable you to reuse valuable work product and learnings from past document reviews to drive unprecedented efficiency, value, and consistency for your company.

Our industry-leading solution is driven by advanced AI that empowers in-house team to increase ROI and reduce risk through:

  • Cross-matter coding propagation for faster, more consistent reviews.
  • Company-specific classifier generation to enhance review and QC workflows for privilege, personal data, sensitive or toxic communications, junk data, and more.
  • A deep, holistic view of trends across matters with insights such as the rate of privilege and junk per custodian to inform litigation and business decisions with reliable data.

We expected nearly 190k documents would be subject to privilege review using our typical workflow; with Lighthouse and outstanding outside counsel, our actual results were just over 24k, resulting in a nearly 90% reduction in time and cost. The approach also surfaced privileged documents that our old workflow may have missed, giving us greater confidence in the process. Lighthouse is now a standard component of all our Privilege reviews.

— E.J. Bastien, Director of Discovery Programs, Microsoft

Microsoft Achieves Significant Increase in Quality

Clients like Microsoft use Lighthouse Review for their entire portfolio, delivering stunning results.

Case Studies

Lighthouse AI and Analytics Drive Unprecedented Savings Across Multiple Matters

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