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Document Review for HSR Second Requests

Antitrust investigations that result in Hart-Scott-Rodino (HSR) Second Requests require companies to review large volumes of documents in a short period of time.  

Lighthouse eases the complexities of mitigating risk and protecting privileged, sensitive, and regulated information so you can respond to these expansive requests with confidence.


Documents reviewed in 11 weeks with an AI-powered TAR workflow that hit 76% recall at 79% precision


Privilege review reduction using an AI-powered privilege model that achieved 95% recall


Hot docs in 3 weeks to support a client’s defense from an initial population of 19 million documents

Speed to Substantial Compliance with Lighthouse

Built on deep expertise, the Lighthouse HSR Second Request solution delivers high-quality review to meet substantial compliance and to prepare your case in the timeline that you need.


Forensics experts triage and prioritize data sources for comprehensive, defensible remote and mobile collections.


Automated, accurate, and flexible processing that can handle terabytes of data.


Proprietary workflows use AI for flexible, highly accurate responsive, privilege, and key document review.

Privilege Log

Privilege log automation organizes information for quick validation and execution.


Accurate and consistent production with automation at its core, increasing throughput and minimizing time.

Your Dedicated Team

Strategize with legal and technology experts who regularly manage and support these quick-turn, arduous matters. Your dedicated team includes attorneys, technologists, linguists, statisticians, certified Relativity experts, as well as other eDiscovery professionals that regularly manage and support HSR Second Requests around the clock, in multiple time zones.

Comply with Confidence

Avoid surprises by surfacing key and potentially damaging documents early. Get key documents representing <1% of your total corpus, giving you the least number of documents that fully tell the fact narrative. AI models swiftly flag potentially damaging documents containing toxic and sensitive information.


Fewer documents produced to regulatory bodies compared to other solutions.

Decrease Risk with Smaller, More Accurate Production Sets

Lighthouse experts and reviewers use high-quality AI and analytics to find what you need. A more precise responsive set lowers the chance of inadvertently producing potentially damaging information unrelated to the matter. It also decreases downstream review for privilege and sensitive data, which can have dramatic effects to your timeline without sacrificing review quality.

Chat Data Compatible Analytics

We have a track record of successfully incorporating collaboration data in Second Requests. Data types include:

Google Chat

Apple iMessage

Mobile/SMS Messaging


Microsoft Teams



Using Lighthouse AI proved to be a 10X improvement in precision compared to other analytics tools. My team at Cleary and the Lighthouse team, collaborating to develop a new implementation of Lighthouse AI, saved the client $4 million in document review and translation costs vs. what we would have spent had we used Brainspace or Relativity Analytics.

— CJ Mahoney, Cleary Gottlieb

Lighthouse achieved what most would say was impossible. Their tireless work, extraordinary effort, and remarkable professionalism was inspiring every step of the way.

— Senior eDiscovery Council at Global Paper Company undergoing a HSR Second Request

This was the most calm I’ve been when ready to comply to a Second Request.

— Senior Counsel for Competition

Learn How Lighthouse Helps Clients Respond to Second Requests

Saving Millions in a Demanding HSR Second Request

Finding the Keys to a Strategic Defense in a Second Request

Using AI to Reduce Privilege Review During an HSR Second Request

eDiscovery Advancements Meet Unique Challenges of Second Requests

Lighthouse experts are ready to talk about Second Request topics including:​

  • How to handle chat and collaboration data
  • How AI can speed up getting to substantial compliance
  • How to get a comprehensive view of the key documents in your data, faster than traditional review methods
  • How new technology-integrated services can supercharge your team​

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