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Linguistic Responsive Review

Technology-Powered Review for High-Stakes Matters

Get production-ready responsiveness with 80 percent or greater precision and recall—at a fraction of the cost of traditional review. Lighthouse linguistic responsive review combines advanced linguistics and machine learning algorithms to deliver defensible and accurate results in as little as six weeks.  

Dedicated Remote Teams


Powerful Techology


Nimble Process

A Deep Bench of Seasoned Experts

Lighthouse linguistic responsive review incorporates industry-leading linguistics, data science, and review expertise from our highly collaborative team. You get access to decades of combined experience in legal and regulatory matters across industries and jurisdictions. Whether you need to fine-tune an algorithm or optimize the search strategy, we have the right skills at your service.

Faster Results

Our review workflows scale the nuance of human analysis using technology, delivering consistently high levels of accuracy under extreme time pressure. Quality control (QC) collaboration between our reviewers and your counsel is built in, ensuring results you can count on.

Unrivaled Flexibility

When your strategy shifts, we adapt. Our process is designed from the ground up to be iterative and agile so you can incorporate new information as it comes to light. Scaling expert teams with technology means that we can be more agile in response to scope changes without blowing the budget or risking defensibility.  

Proven Success for High-Priority Case Types

Litigation: Identify relevant documents faster and more accurately, reducing the time and cost of review.

Class Action: Surface common issues and patterns across documents to handle multiple plaintiffs and similar claims.  

Multi-District Litigation: Streamline review for large volumes of documents from multiple sources and jurisdictions.

Breach of Contract: Incorporate key contract terms and clauses into the review process to highlight relevant breaches.  

Internal Investigations: Use linguistic analysis to identify violations specific to company policies and industry regulations and detect potential fraud or misconduct.  

Government Investigations: Reduce the risk of non-compliance with specialized review demands.  

Civil Investigative Demand (CID): Demonstrate responsiveness to often-broad terms of CID requests while managing the resulting large volume of documents efficiently.

The Power of Linguistics

The complexity of human language defies simplistic attempts to quantify it. That’s why we use advanced linguistics to enhance review.  

Quantitative linguistics in the legal field enables us to objectively study language using probability and statistics to analyze word frequency, syntax, sentiment, and other characteristics. Thanks to the experts on our team, we can apply these tools to identify patterns and trends across large volumes of data.  

Whether finding near-duplicate documents, uncovering relevant keywords, putting conversations in context, or classifying documents, we make the science of language an asset to your legal team.  

How We Achieve Unbeatable Accuracy

Minimizing the document set is essential to high-quality review. The fewer documents counsel has to examine, the more time and creative thinking they can invest in nuanced analysis.  

Looking at past results, we can confidently state that Lighthouse linguistic responsive review routinely achieves actual recall and precision rates of 80 percent or higher—far better than typical outcomes using human reviewers alone or even common TAR approaches. Our unique combination of expertise, linguistics, and data science allows us to improve precision without sacrificing completeness or defensibility.  

And we often deliver results that exceed this high bar. For example, one global technology client with an extensive government investigation used Lighthouse linguistic responsive review to identify 1 million responsive documents out of 19 million with 81% precision and 89% recall—and did it in just ten weeks. This fast and accurate production helped the corporation reach a successful outcome with regulators.

Actual Recall and Precision Results

This graph shows precision and recall results as orange dots on a graph going from 50% to 100% on both axis. All the orange dots are in the upper right hand quadrant.

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