Lighthouse's Maggie Anthoney Earned CIPP Accreditation in the U.S. Private-Sector


July 5, 2016

This achievement exemplifies Lighthouse's continued investment to expand the team's expertise and accreditations to better serve its clients.

Lighthouse, a leader in technology-enabled eDiscovery services and consulting, today announced that Maggie Anthoney, corporate counsel at Lighthouse, earned her Certified Information Privacy Professional (CIPP) accreditation in the U.S.private-sector. This notable achievement recognizes Anthoney for her foundational understanding of privacy laws and regulations, as well as Lighthouse's commitment to expand its expertise in order to better support clients.

Information privacy and security are ever increasing concerns for Lighthouse's clients and prospects, and because of this, the company has continued to make great strides towards building its expertise in this area. Anthoney earning this privacy certification from the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP), one the world's largest information privacy organizations, is just another example of the company's dedication to furthering its expertise in this arena.

"With Maggie's recent achievement of the CIPP accreditation, Lighthouse will be able to bring even greater value to our clients as they navigate the complex waters of privacy rules and regulations impacting the eDiscovery industry," said Wes Moorhead, chief operational officer at Lighthouse. "This important certification represents not only Maggie's relentless focus on bringing value to our clients, but Lighthouse's commitment to ensuring our experts in this complex industry are always on the leading edge of important rules and regulations that are of vital importanceto our clients."

The CIPP credential requires a foundational understanding of a broad range of global concepts around privacy and data protection law and practice, as well as knowledge and perspective of how these components apply to and impact specific areas of concentration. The CIPP accreditation also requires knowledge of various data protection mechanisms, including jurisdictional laws, regulations and enforcement models, and legal requirements for handling and transferring data around the world.

All Lighthouse employees are continually encouraged to pursue legal and eDiscovery accreditation programs. Achievements like Anthoney's allow Lighthouse to continue to develop a more sophisticated and well-roundedteam of eDiscovery and technology experts to support our growing client needs. If you are interested in learning more about our certified team of experts, please reach out to us at

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