Lighthouse Launches First Annual State of AI in eDiscovery Report



February 13, 2024

Lighthouse, a leader in technology-enabled eDiscovery, compliance, and information governance services, announced today the release of its first annual State of AI in eDiscovery report. The report offers a deep dive into the current and future state of AI adoption in the legal industry and reveals gaps between individual use and organizational adoption of AI.

The report is based on a Lighthouse survey that gathered insights from 268 eDiscovery experts from law firms and corporations, with more than 500 attorneys and companies with annual revenues surpassing $500 million.

Perceptions of the AI Landscape in the Legal Industry

The survey shows robust interest in AI on an individual-attorney level, with 87% of respondents expressing interest in the tools and 50% personally utilizing legal-specific AI tools for work-related purposes. However, the report also reveals a lag in organizational adoption, with only 20% of respondents stating their organizations have fully embraced AI implementation.

“The survey data unveils a compelling narrative, showcased by growing interest and adoption of AI among legal professionals who are experimenting with it on their own for work purposes, contrasted with a lag in organizational-wide adoption of AI tools,” said Stacy Ybarra, Chief Marketing Officer at Lighthouse. “Recognizing that this is a pivotal moment, forward-thinking law firms and legal departments must work to counsel their clients and organizations through that gap. At Lighthouse, we’re working with attorneys and their organizations on a daily basis to help drive strategic implementation of AI. We collaborate closely with leaders in the industry, sharing our expertise in information governance, large language models, and advanced AI solutions, and helping them plan and execute successful AI implementation.”

Security and Accuracy are Key to Broader Adoption

Critical to supporting successful adoption by legal will be the ability to address concerns regarding AI-related risks. The survey revealed that respondents expressed reservations about data security/privacy measures from providers (50%), the accuracy of AI (47%), and their own companies' data security/privacy measures (40%). Addressing these concerns is crucial for fostering wider trust in and adoption of AI solutions.

“Incorporating AI into daily operations within the industry requires a nuanced approach to address anxiety over data security and accuracy,” said Fernando Delgado, Director of AI and Analytics at Lighthouse. “As AI availability and dependability strengthen in 2024, we’ll continue to help organizations better navigate the AI transformation by developing solutions that bolster accuracy, improve data security, and instill trust in AI tools and processes.” 

Long-Term Perspectives on AI and What’s Next for Lighthouse

The survey underscores varying levels of trust in AI, contingent on specific use cases. Notably, the highest levels of trust relate to repetitive and data-intensive tasks, while users admit to lower levels of trust in areas involving more nuanced executions.

The first annual Lighthouse State of AI in eDiscovery survey results underline the transformative potential of AI in the legal profession. As an early adopter of AI technologies, Lighthouse’s deep expertise in this space positions the company as a key player in delivering strategic insights and cutting-edge solutions to help clients navigate this new era of legal technology.

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