Lighthouse Launches Antitrust Practice Alongside Innovative Technology Offerings



April 17, 2024

Lighthouse, a leader in technology-enabled eDiscovery, compliance, and information governance services, announced today the launch of its new antitrust practice and related technology offerings. The Lighthouse Antitrust Practice—composed of attorneys, technologists, linguists, eDiscovery project managers, and document review consultants and staff—develops and uses technology that reshapes the way corporations and their law firms manage antitrust compliance, including merger clearance, competitor disputes, and regulatory compliance.

“The foundation of our new practice is the experience we’ve gained working alongside the world’s leading antitrust lawyers and law firms on scores of Hart-Scott-Rodino Act (HSR) Second Requests over the past few years,” said Bill Mariano. “That experience has driven our development of specialized workflows and technologies, designed to decrease the chance of an HSR Second Request or competitor litigation, and minimize risk to the deal or organization when avoidance is not possible. The Lighthouse tech stack is perfectly suited to Second Requests, and its power is on full display during these high-stakes, tight-timeline investigations.”

Lighthouse antitrust professionals have handled more than 950 antitrust matters, including over 360 Second Requests. Overall, Lighthouse’s growing share of Second Request projects includes handling 18% of all those issued by the DOJ and FTC from 2020 to 2022. From 2021 to 2023, Lighthouse hosted 217+ terabytes of Second Request data.

In what has become a promising application for its new practice, earlier this year, the company launched Lighthouse AI Privilege Review, which uses generative and predictive AI to accurately identify privileged content and create privilege logs. In a bellwether head-to-head test, Lighthouse’s generative AI wrote more accurate privilege log descriptions than the contract attorneys who had written the descriptions for the privilege log when it was a live matter.

As noted by Christian J. (CJ) Mahoney, Counsel and Global Head of eDiscovery and Litigation Technology at Cleary Gottlieb, whose firm conducted the test, “This test of Lighthouse’s Gen AI privilege log capabilities illustrated that the combination of powerful AI technology with thoughtful expertise from a law firm and service provider can yield effective privilege log entries. It will make the best use of attorney time and truly benefit our clients.”

The Lighthouse Antitrust Practice was built to fundamentally transform one of the most important and intense regulatory situations a company might find itself in. “Antitrust matters and Second Requests will benefit significantly from AI. Lighthouse intends to bring value to our clients through the most reliable antitrust AI solutions on the market. Lighthouse brings the experience, reliability, and technology expertise to ensure our clients can benefit from Lighthouse AI immediately in their antitrust and Second Request matters,” said Ron Markezich, CEO at Lighthouse.

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