Lighthouse Celebrates 25 Years of Innovation and ACEDS Awards


January 28, 2020

Company announces milestone anniversary alongside recognition from ACEDS UK

SEATTLE, Wash. (Jan. 28, 2020)‚ Lighthouse, a leader in technology-enabled eDiscovery, compliance and information governance services, today announced that this month marks the company's 25th year in operation. Throughout its history, Lighthouse has been driven by a single purpose—to bring clarity, simplicity, and efficiency to the increasingly complex landscape of eDiscovery and data governance.

This announcement follows recent recognition of Lighthouse for a number of ACEDS UK awards including Best eDiscovery Team for the second consecutive year, Best New eDiscovery Technology for Lighthouse's proprietary user-driven eDiscovery solution, Spectra™, and the Nigel Murray Award for Outstanding Team Contribution to the eDiscovery Industry. Lighthouse won half of the eDiscovery awards presented by ACEDS UK last month, an unprecedented accomplishment.

"We are proud to celebrate this landmark achievement of 25 years in business in addition to significant recognition for our team in London," said Brian McManus, chief executive officer at Lighthouse. "Through the hard work and dedication of our employees, a technology-centric vision, and partnerships with our clients, virtually all of whom are leaders in their respective fields, we have evolved over these 25 years from a local copy and scan shop to the industry-leading brand in the markets we serve. As we go forward over the next 25 years, we will continue to deliver innovation, expertise and pragmatism to solve persistent challenges in the industry."

Since its inception as a legal copy company in 1995, Lighthouse has celebrated the following milestones:

  • In 2011, Lighthouse made a strategic shift to pure play eDiscovery. The shift allowed the company to focus on market-leading innovation and set the company on a trajectory for significant growth.
  • In 2012, Lighthouse launched SmartSeriesÆ, proprietary applications built on top of Relativity to increase review efficiency and consistency and lower clients' overall eDiscovery costs. SmartSeries reduces the amount of data requiring eyes on review by up to 95%.
  • In 2015, Lighthouse launched Core, which led to a 35% reduction in turnaround time, 55% improved quality and 60% reduction in billable hours per GB processed.
  • In 2017, Lighthouse launched a suite of services that enables corporations to derive valuable outcomes from Microsoft's Office 365 eDiscovery solutions, and is widely considered the preeminent expert on optimizing those solutions and integrating them with new and existing complementary tools, including Spectra.
  • In late 2018, Lighthouse Spectra officially launched and the following year received the "Best New eDiscovery Technology" ACEDS UK award. Spectra enables clients to self-serve matters with its internal legal, litigation support, compliance and internal investigations teams, in whole or in part, creating substantial time and cost savings.

ACEDS UK is an association of certified eDiscovery specialists aimed to help professionals in various disciplines improve and certify their eDiscovery knowledge and skill, increase their overall competence in eDiscovery as well as advance their careers. ACEDS UK has been in operation for the last three years.

Lighthouse will be celebrating this milestone at its Illuminations event in New York during the first week in February at Legaltech. Around the world and throughout the year, Lighthouse will celebrate the impact its innovation has had across the legal technology industry. If you would like to come see us at Legaltech or for more information, please contact

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