Lighthouse Announces Suite of Microsoft Office 365 Services


January 30, 2017

Lighthouse provides flexible service offerings around Office 365 to enhance clients' eDiscovery programs and workflows.

Lighthouse, a leader in technology-enabled eDiscovery services and consulting, today announced a suite of services that enable corporations to derive valuable outcomes from Microsoft's Office 365 eDiscovery solutions, including the and Security Center and Office 365 Advanced eDiscovery. These services include support around Office 365 implementation planning and strategy, workflow design, integrations and migrations, custom scripting, training, proof of concept and professional services.

Lighthouse recognizes that many clients are currently using Office 365. In fact, "70% of Fortune 500 companies have purchased Office 365 within the last year," stated Office365 Adoption 2016. However, many of the tool's eDiscovery functionalities are still fairly new to the industry, and there remains a large gap when it comes to knowledge and utilization of the Office 365 capabilities. Part of that problem is due to the fact that IT has traditionally made the investment in this type of technology and legal has not been part of this process, therefore creating a disconnect between the two teams and overall process. However, legal has tobe involved early on to provide input around migrations, legal holds, collections and more to ensure defensible processes and avoid the duplication of data. Lighthouse's unique team of legal and technology experts helpbridge that gap by acting as an extension of the client's team and providing expertise when and where the client needs it to ensure best practices and defensible workflows.

"Many of our corporate clients have Office 365 in place within their organizations, however, most of them are struggling to effectively leverage the investment their organization has made in the tool for eDiscovery purposes," said Chris Dahl, vice president of Product Development and Consulting at Lighthouse. "In response, Lighthouse's Consulting teambuilt a suite of Office 365 offerings that will allow our clients to further leverage this new and innovative technology, while driving efficiency and lowering the cost of their eDiscovery programs."

Office 365 provides companies with the opportunity to retire legacy systems and consolidate data, therefore lowering data management expenses and eliminating redundant licensing fees. Lighthouse has been assisting corporations with the implementation and training around Office 365technology since its inception, and is aware of where the technology is headed and how best to implement it. The company's deep-rooted expertise in Equivio and Office 365 has allowed them to develop an array of consulting services around Microsoft's Office 365 eDiscovery solutions.

The company's team of consultants will provide value to clients by offering managed services within the Office 365 environment, implementing best practices and processes, as well as training clients to leverage their existing Office 365 eDiscovery solutions to drive efficiency in their workflows.

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