The Great Link Debate and the Future of Cloud Collaboration

September 29, 2023


Links, modern attachments, shared documents—the descriptors for files exchanged through email and collaboration platforms continue to grow with no clear consensus on what to call them or how exactly to handle them. Despite their wide use, why are they a persistent challenge for eDiscovery and data governance teams? Beyond semantics, links and attachments raise bigger questions about how to manage collaboration data as it proliferates in the evolving workplace.

Michael Blank, Corporate Counsel – eDiscovery, at DISH, and Lisa Lukaszewski, Of Counsel at Gunster, join Law & Candor to discuss how the issues with links and collaboration data continue to transform—including changes to ESI protocols—how recent legal decisions are contributing to the debate, and best practices for tackling these persistent challenges. 

This episode’s sighting of radical brilliance: “Carmakers are failing the privacy test. Owners have little or no control over data collected,” Frank Bajak, AP, September 6, 2023.

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