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Automated privilege log creation

Lighthouse PrivSmart uses automation to deliver efficiency and consistency across the privilege log creation workflow.

Automate your privilege log

The creation of a privilege log is inefficient, involving tedious and error-prone data entry. And due to the sensitive nature of the content, this work is currently performed by more experienced attorneys, incurring costs disproportionate to the value gained. Lighthouse PrivSmart brings automation to the privilege log creation workflow for lower costs and increased consistency.

PrivSmart normalizes names based on metadata and generates a log of privileged materials in a matter of minutes. A user-friendly interface allows users to customize and manage their final privilege logs, including managing version control and excluding documents from subsequently generated logs.  

Efficient privilege logging

PrivSmart automates steps that aren’t a good use of attorney time and organizes information for quick validation and execution.

Consistent documents

Achieve better consistency across the entire review workflow with automated data entry and privilege log creation—including privilege log version control.

Names normalization

Predict, populate, and organize privilege names with PrivSmart so your team can validate, revise, and normalize privilege names with our easy-to-use interface.

Privilege categorization

Search metadata, email addresses, and document content for potentially privileged documents using a user-editable search term list, and then group them by their likelihood to be privileged. These groups can be used to determine the treatment of each set of documents.

Privilege log generator

Generate a customizable log in a matter of minutes, manage version control, and even exclude documents from subsequently generated logs with an intuitive interface.

See for yourself what privilege log automation looks like

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