Unrivaled chat pre-processing and review

ChatSmart is purpose-built to address the complexities of chat, text messaging, and other collaboration technologies.

Streamline your chat review

As more conversations take place across chat messaging, mobile texting, and collaborative platforms, eDiscovery teams have struggled to include them in investigations.

Until now, eDiscovery teams have had to rely on generic and incomplete schemes for handling chat data in matters. These are invariably suboptimal or repurposed email processing, making them difficult to use, inefficient, and unreliable. And producing chat without proper review could lead to accidentally producing privileged information.

Introducing ChatSmart, a pre-processing engine and review technology specifically created to address the complexities of collaboration platform and mobile communications. ChatSmart provides comprehensive and defensible chat data analysis in a dynamic custom viewer for a faster, improved review experience.

Complete analysis

Get deeper chat data analysis than is available from any other tool. Message-level granularity uncovers fragmented data through parsing, reducing, and defragmenting during pre-processing.

Faster review

Organize and contextualize chat data into 24-hour transcripts for faster review. The chat-specific viewer includes dynamic search and filtering to quickly pinpoint the most important information.

Cost effective

Pre-processchat data to reduce your data volume to spend less on hosting and review.

Chat review reduction

40 – 60%

Average reduction in chat review corpus

Up to 90%

Reduction seen in certain chat platforms


Reduction in a particularly successful case

Message-level granularity

ChatSmart restores context through defragmenting and deduplicating data at the message-level in a unique approach that provides unrivaled accuracy and detail.

Dynamic search and filtering

The chat-specific viewer allows search and filtering prior to generating message transcripts, providing an unmatched ability to quickly pinpoint the most critical information, in its entirety.

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