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Lighthouse partners with leading-edge technology companies to provide a seamless experience for our customers. We are proud to partner with these companies and support their tools.

Premier technology partners

Nuix is Lighthouse’s primary unstructured data processing engine. Nuix is rapidly distancing itself from the rest of the field as the fastest, best-in-breed solution for ediscovery processing. Its software delivers simple, raw speed, allowing you to process vast quantities of data and decipher, cull, and produce it in all major litigation formats. With Nuix, you can process more than one terabyte of data per day on a single server, and scale to hundreds of millions of documents.

Nuix simplifies and reduces the cost of data collection by processing unstructured data containers directly and intelligently. We can simply collect data from an email server or personal computer and point Nuix software at the individual mailboxes or folders required. Nuix will process just those files, ignoring irrelevant data and reducing the cost and time required to get to the critical information.


Relativity is Lighthouse’s primary hosted review platform. It is widely recognized as a leading solution for ediscovery. Relativity’s scalable infrastructure and easy-to-use interface enables case teams to handle the industry’s largest and most complex review projects while tailoring their approach to each case. Relativity provides image and native file review, diverse coding options, flexible workflow capabilities, integrated productions, foreign-language support, and powerful searching and text analytics, including computer-assisted review and visual data analysis.

Lighthouse is a Relativity Best-in-Service partner, a designation that recognizes Relativity Premium Hosting Partners, who provide an exceptional Relativity experience for end users. Through a voluntary audit, Lighthouse has demonstrated our expertise and experience hosting projects in Relativity as measured through technical infrastructure, customer service, and product expertise. Additionally, we met a set of requirements with respect to our duration as a hosting partner, size of Relativity installations, and core Relativity certifications.

Lighthouse offers Brainspace as an available analytics engine working in concert with our in-house technologies and workflows. Brainspace’s data analysis platform has set a new standard in artificial intelligence, real-time visualizations, and the immediate ability to understand your data. With Continuous Active Learning (CAL), Brainspace’s patented machine learning drives innovative phrase and concept detection and clustering, which is expressed in clear, detailed, and intuitive graphics. You can find patterns and relationships in your data, and you can find them faster than ever before.

Lighthouse offers Equivio Zoom, by Microsoft, as an available analytics engine working in concert with our in-house technologies and workflows. Zoom is an integrated web platform for analytics and predictive coding that organizes collections of documents in meaningful ways, so you can zoom right in and find out what’s interesting, notable, and unique. Users include hundreds of law firms, corporations, and government agencies.

Ipro’s eCapture, Lighthouse’s primary production platform, is a powerful, innovative ediscovery software designed to handle large projects with speed and scalability. The platform is designed to be distributed, multi-threaded, and centralized, so that you can manage terabytes of data processing from one central console. eCapture offers users the ability to perform powerful searching, deduping, filtering, and compound document handling. eCapture offers hundreds of export options to fit any project.

Technology partners

Catalyst CR is a hosted search, analytics, and review platform for litigation support, regulatory compliance, and other document-intensive matters. It is designed to support the entire litigation lifecycle. Process, cull, cluster, analyze, review, and produce—all from a single web-based system.

Clearwell eDiscovery accelerates early case assessments, lowers processing costs, reduces review workload, and ensures the defensibility of the search process. Clearwell provides a complete ediscovery litigation solution solving the most pressing challenges of litigation. It streamlines the entire ediscovery lifecycle with a single, easy-to-use application that reduces the process’ time, cost, and complexity.

EDT has established an international reputation for its end-to-end software that manages ediscovery, investigations, and litigation. EDT has been embraced by a world-wide client base including GLOBAL100 law firms, top-tier accounting firms, corporations, government agencies, forensic experts and consulting service providers.

Exolution is a powerful redaction software focused on native Excel files. It helps users quickly and easily find and redact PII and even hidden or invisible data. Exolution is focused on reducing risk, time, and cost. Whatever the case, Exolution is ready – Hatch Waxman/ANDA litigation, 2nd Requests (Hart Scott Rodino filings), financial investigations, FOIA requests, or any other matter involving privileged data. It doesn’t matter if it is 1 or 10,000 spreadsheets, redact them with ease, speed, and confidence.

LexisNexis® Concordance FYI™ is an online ediscovery management and review application that makes it easy to identify, organize, and analyze case-critical information. It provides complete accessibility anytime and anywhere. Your teams can easily search, review, produce, and share documents across your firm or around the world.

LexisNexis® LAW PreDiscovery software offers you and your litigation teams the power to produce and organize paper and electronic files with a dynamic imaging and ediscovery processing application. With LAW PreDiscovery, pre-reviewing and culling non-responsive ediscovery and scanned documents before reviewing and processing helps eliminate unnecessary costs and reduce time.

Nexidia is an audio and video search company whose tools enable legal professionals to quickly and accurately search, review, and categorize large volumes of audio and video. Nexidia is used in discovery, regulatory, and compliance investigations.

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