eDiscovery Workflow Management

At the scale and capacity to produce millions of pages per day—on time and error-free.

Reliable production

At the production stage, it’s critical to be flexible, fast, and accurate. Lighthouse has automated production processes for faster turnaround, more accurate results, and lower cost. Our productions go out on time and error-free.


Decades of experience tailored to your needs.

With multiple tools and years of production experience, we can accommodate all production specifications: standard or customized, in any native or image format, and for any review platform in the industry, including most proprietary systems.

Speed and capacity

Rely on our state-of-the-art, high-capacity data centers and highly scalable platforms.

Between our automation capabilities and our ability to scale capacity, we continue to meet deadlines with ease, and we can produce millions of pages per day for our growing client base.

Strategic automation

Trusted processes for risk reduction.

We eliminate potential problems that could arise from preparing productions manually through strategic automation. Our production automation controls check for gaps or overlap in Bates numbering, incorrect confidentiality designations, and inconsistency with production specifications, among a myriad of others.

Quality control

Accuracy you can count on.

Quality and ingenuity underlie every step of our workflow. Our stringent quality control processes guarantee that productions are error-free. We’re proud that our benchmarked error rate is effectively zero.

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