eDiscovery Processing

Leveraging industry-best technology in concert with proprietary automation, workflows, and methods, we provide lightning-fast access and insights into data of all types and sources, including modern collaboration platforms.

Lighthouse deploys state-of-the-art eDiscovery processing capabilities to handle all of your data. Using industry-best technology such as Nuix, Relativity, and Brainspace, as well as our own innovative workflows and automation, we trim inefficiency and front-load meaningful insight into your data to jump-start your understanding of each matter.

Intelligent and efficient

Data for eDiscovery is processed in Nuix, selected for its unparalleled processing speed, scalability, and ability to handle custom workflows.

Lighthouse then layers our own custom automation on top of Nuix to amplify its functionality, and create custom reporting into custodial relationships, social network connections, and hidden content.

We send the resulting data through our proprietary Early Case Assessment (ECA) tools, allowing you to start making strategic decisions before the documents are loaded into a review environment.

Forward-looking and adaptable

In addition to conventional Electronically Stored Information (ESI), Lighthouse is able to process a vast range of data types, including these technically challenging formats:

  • Online chat/instant messaging/collaboration tools
  • Cell phone text messages
  • Audio recordings and voicemail
  • Financial services chat messages

As new sources of data arrive on the market, our experts are ready with eDiscovery processing strategies to handle the constant evolution of technology.

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