Early Case Assessment

Develop Effective Case Strategies While Reducing Costs.

Reliable Production

Our early case assessment (ECA) strategies combine industry-leading technology and workflows with the option of support from our team of experts. We do the heavy lifting to reduce your data and get insights faster so you can concentrate on your strategy. Once ECA is complete, data and work product move seamlessly into review, creating a smooth, end-to-end eDiscovery process.

Critical Early Insight

Gaining early access to the most relevant information in a case is critical to effectively developing a proactive strategy for success. Our ECA tools quickly surface the most relevant information, so you can concentrate on crafting a more effective legal strategy.

Strategic Cost Savings

Lighthouse ECA integrates into existing workflows, allowing you to perform preliminary, case-specific culling before incurring the cost of review, which enables you to align costs to your case strategy and avoid unnecessary spend.

Access to Experts

Combining ECA strategies with Lighthouse Focus services gives you enhanced insights through access to our industry-leading team of expert linguists, lawyers, and technologists, who are using the most advanced analytics tools available to find key data faster.

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