Responsive Review

Lighthouse Responsive Review is an industry-leading, battle-tested and highly precise hybrid review model blending expert teams and advanced technology to ensure a robust and comprehensive review.

Technology-assisted responsive review

Relieve your case teams of significant review and QC burdens with our high-quality results. The Lighthouse team  has decades of broad regulatory and legal industry experience across dozens of corporate verticals and commitment to statistical rigor. Coupled with linguistic modeling and machine learning, our hybrid responsive review process requires minimal outside counsel document review beyond initial collaborative exemplar review and final privilege review by counsel.

More than machine learning

Lighthouse Responsive Review empowers legal teams to accelerate their review timeline with reduced costs and unparalleled reliability. Combining a precise search syntax, a scalable, iterative, and adaptive process, and a more robust and extensive metadata analysis than anywhere else in the industry, for production-ready results.

Our innovative AI combines advanced machine learning with sophisticated linguistic models for a highly efficient solution. It is built to extrapolate attorney judgments quickly, while enabling nuanced searches and allowing focused pursuit of key data.

Accelerated review, predictable delivery

Our effective, iterative and adaptive process creates significant efficiency gains and scales as your strategy shifts. We take a unique hybrid approach brings together technology and specialized services resulting in a robust review solution faster than traditional TAR or CAL and reviewers alone.

We deliver significantly higher levels of precision and recall without sacrificing speed. With deliveries scheduled on a rolling basis to meet production deadlines, you will never have to slow down to wait for your provider to catch up.

Our flexible process leads to quality review

Lighthouse Responsive Review often eliminates the need for second pass responsiveness review, saving clients hundreds of thousands of dollars in outside counsel fees.

Our iterative process flexes with your needs in a way that off-the-shelf, one-size-fits-all solutions simply cannot. With Lighthouse, your expert team goes beyond reviewers and includes linguists, information retrieval specialists, and data scientists, allowing us to quickly fine-tune our algorithms to meet your rapidly shifting needs.

Regardless of matter size or budget, Lighthouse helps maximize your investment and accelerate your review timeline.

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