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Managed Review for Law Firms

Stand Out from the Crowd with Faster Document Review that Leads to Better Legal Outcomes

Deliver exceptional service and better legal outcomes for your clients in an environment of increasing data volume and complexity. With our cutting-edge technologies and industry-leading specialists, we deliver best-in-class review for matters of all sizes and levels of complexity, so you can confidently support your clients.

Lighthouse is uniquely positioned to support end-to-end eDiscovery, including large-scale review programs, at AmLaw 100 firms. Our flexible approach to staffing, roles, and technology ensures tailored solutions that provide a comprehensive view of your client’s documents for expedited review, more informed case strategy, and more wins.

How Law Firms Use Lighthouse for Review


Including specialized solutions for complex matters

Multi-District Litigation (MDL)

Including Joint Defense Group (JDG) support

Government Investigations

Including HSR Second Requests

Proven Workflows Tailored to Your Unique Case Needs

Lighthouse is your partner in better managed review. We collaborate closely with you to identify the best approach for each case, drawing from strong, defensible workflows built to increase accuracy and optimize client outcomes.

With Lighthouse, you can leverage innovative technology without becoming a technologist. We have a deep bench of experts to support strategy, implementation, and negotiation of technological interventions that increase review efficiency and efficacy for you and your client.

Whether your focus is commercial litigation, corporate law, intellectual property, internal investigations, government investigations, or white collar crime, we have solutions that help you quickly and accurately fulfill your case obligations and find the documents that matter so you can focus on case strategy.

Early Case Assessment

The faster your team can get the information it needs, the better the outcome. Lighthouse early case assessment (ECA) workflows combine purpose-built analytic and search technology with unique expertise to hand them required documents—right out of the gate.  

Lighthouse ECA processes can be customized for various scenarios, including liability analysis, damage assessment, adversary investigation, budget forecasting, early sensitive and privileged data identification, and data reduction.

Using modern data analytics means Lighthouse ECA often delivers significantly greater cost savings and more accurate budget estimates than traditional manual document reviews.  

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Including Specialized Solutions for Complex Matters

No matter what kind of litigation your firm handles, Lighthouse can help you increase the speed and quality of review to give your clients the best possible outcome. We handle document review for hundreds of cases annually, in legally complex industries such as pharmaceuticals, healthcare, technology, consumer products, and financial services, with document populations ranging from megabytes to terabytes.

Our flexible processes and technology enable us to fit the tools to the case while our expert teams bring domain-specific expertise to each engagement. No matter the scale or complexity, our review managers and linguistic, analytic, and legal experts work together to improve consistency, increase efficiency, and dramatically reduce cost for our law firm clients.

Multi-District Litigation

Including Joint Defense Group Support

We comprehensively connect matters across multi-district litigation (MDL) and other instances of multiple similar matters to minimize costly re-review of documents. After data ingestion, our analytics delivers insights around overlapping documents and potential document classifications in as little as 24 hours.

Our models can port coding directly or learn from each document decision for results that improve before your eyes. The longer we work together, the more knowledge our models and experts gain, making the relationship more valuable with every matter.

We have served as a centralized hot document search desk for Joint Defense Groups (JDGs) to ensure consistency and decrease overall review across outside counsel.

10,000 Key Documents from 16,000,000

Representing senior executives in a food-industry price-fixing case, a JDG needed a fast and flexible way to find key documents in a population of 16 million. Leading up to the trial, the Lighthouse team delivered 10,000 documents to identify exculpatory evidence in the continuing government production and created streamlined witness kits averaging a manageable 400 documents each.

Learn more about Lighthouse witness kit services

Government Investigations

Help clients navigate government investigations, regulatory matters, and antitrust reviews with efficient, insightful review experts on your side. Lighthouse can assist with review related to investigations by the SEC, DOJ, FTC, state attorneys general, and congress. Regulatory agencies regularly accept our technology-forward solutions as equal or superior to manual methods.  

Our support related to agency investigations include:

  • Proving that zero documents exist to support government allegations  
  • Capturing key documents used in defense  
  • Preparing deposition kits for witness appearances before investigators
  • Organizing records for use in negotiations and presentations to regulators
  • Quickly and accurately producing relevant documents

Hart-Scott-Rodino Second Request Solution

Meet substantial compliance with confidence. We support law firms representing clients dealing with Hart-Scott-Rodino (HSR) Second Requests during mergers and acquisitions (M&A) with the agility and accuracy needed for these arduous matters. Our purpose-built HSR Second Request solution has a strong track record of approval by the DOJ and FTC.

From identifying key documents for the 4(c) and 4(d) to the request itself, we support your team with targeted expertise and innovative technology to improve the chances of a successful outcome.  

Learn more about HSR Second Requests

This was the most calm I’ve been when ready to comply with a Second Request.

— Senior Counsel for Competition, Fortune 500 Technology Company

Fact Analysis and Narrative Development

Find the most critical facts faster with our specialized solution so you can make risk decisions earlier and spend more time on case strategy and preparation. Our linguists and information-retrieval experts typically elevate a manageable one percent or less of the data set, especially when compared to other methods, which typically return as much as 30 percent.

Our process starts with the targets you specify, broadening coverage until no more relevance is uncovered. Additionally, we use a variety of search and analytic techniques, including advanced sentiment analysis, to surface potentially risky documents.

Deposition and Witness Preparation Kits

Depositions and interviews can present significant risks and rewards so avoiding surprises is paramount. In every case, it is critical to have the correct information to prepare the deponent or witness without overwhelming them.  

Whether you need supportive documents for an affirmative or defensive stance, we can help. Lighthouse uses its powerful linguistic and machine learning tools to winnow document sets down to the most valuable information. We assist in preparing kits that make an impact and help your client perform under pressure.

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35 Depositions in 8 Weeks

In a recent antitrust matter, we received almost 6 million documents and supported 35 depositions over eight weeks delivering under 7,000 of the most critical and impactful documents.

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Managed Review Case Studies

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