Spectra Overview

Lighthouse Spectra Provides the Ultimate eDiscovery Workflow Flexibility

A leading energy company is able to scale, access best-in-class technology, and meet their budgetary needs with Lighthouse Spectra.

What They Needed

A multinational energy company was looking for a more efficient way to scale their ediscovery program. In addition, they were particularly interested in best-in-class technology, such as Relativity, as well as a more transparent pricing model to meet budgetary requirements. Traditionally they leveraged their ediscovery providers to help them support matters, but felt there had to be a better, more cost-effective way to manage their overall ediscovery program.

While in discussions with Lighthouse, a potential new ediscovery provider, the company raised their concern of scale and efficiency and Lighthouse was able to address it by offering a new kind of workflow, if onboarded, where the company could leverage Spectra, Lighthouse’s SaaS self-service tool, for smaller matters and Lighthouse’s full-service project management team and expertise for larger, more complex matters. This new approach would allow the company to scale their resources with Lighthouse as an extension of their team as needed, access best-in-class technology to keep total cost of ownership low, as well as meet their internal billing and budget needs with a predictable, fixed-fee pricing model. Due to these key benefits, the company brought Lighthouse on as their newest ediscovery vendor.

How We Did It

Lighthouse’s new client was brought on board with a dedicated project management team that would support their full-service matters as well as the Spectra support team, who would onboard the client team into the self-service tool. Once the proof of concept was complete, the client was able to start ingesting matters into Spectra very quickly. Due to the client’s strong Relativity background, they found Spectra to be very user friendly and the training and onboarding processes were completed rather quickly.

The client started using Spectra on a regular basis to run internal investigations, subpoenas, and other small matters. On one recent occasion they were able to seamlessly scale a more complex matter from Spectra to Lighthouse’s full service project management team with no interruption in the Spectra workspace. Additionally, Lighthouse was able to provide supplemental resources around data processing and exception handling so that the client’s team could focus on the more critical aspects of the matter.

The subscription pricing model for Spectra has also proved to be a value add to the client, as they have been able to meet their budgetary requirements as well as scale the model up or down as needed based on usage.

The Results

Lighthouse has enabled this leading energy company to achieve a more scalable and cost-effective ediscovery workflow with Lighthouse Spectra and the full-service project management team. The new process has allowed the company to save hundreds of hours and nearly $50,000, as well as meet their budget needs.



Client’s eDiscovery Manager

Client’s eDiscovery Manager

Client’s eDiscovery Manager

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Spectra Overview

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Spectra Overview

Lighthouse Spectra Provides the Ultimate eDiscovery Workflow Flexibility

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